LG Display shows off a versatile lineup of transparent OLED screens at CES 2022

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LG Display has increased the use of transparent screens with innovative new concepts (OLED shelves, shopping management showcases, shop windows, smart windows) to be exhibited at CES 2022. LG Display should not be confused with LG Electronics, as it only creates a concept that other companies can adopt and bring to market.

The OLED shelf consists of two transparent OLED displays stacked on top of each other and, as the name implies, can be placed on top of the shelf. LG Display says it’s perfect for a living room that can display art and TV shows. In always-on mode, the screen stays visible all the time, so if a work of art is on display, the image remains laid out like a real painting while blending into the wall behind it. increase.

The shopping managing showcase emphasizes perfume.
Photo by LG display

OLED shelves are made for home use, but according to LG Display, shopping management showcases are for “luxury” department stores. Attaching a transparent OLED display to a sleek wooden stand and placing it in front of a physical product seems to be able to create a futuristic shopping experience. Add an overlay to the item behind. This means shop owners can add graphics that highlight specific parts of the product, or use the display to provide funky visual effects.

LG Display Show Window allows you to create your own window display.
Photo by LG display

LG Display also gave us a glimpse of the show window. This is another business-focused model consisting of four 55-inch transparent OLED displays that can be used to play products on window displays. Instead of window decals, stores can add digital text. You can easily change it at any time. The company also unveiled another transparent OLED screen, the Smart Window, that can be used for video calls and presentations in the office, but didn’t provide images for that display.

These transparent displays are just a concept, so you won’t see them right away in the real world, but the fact remains that they look pretty cool. LG Display has been participating in transparent display games for some time and released its first flexible and see-through screen in 2014. Recently, he showed off a transparent TV screen attached to the foot of the bed. But it doesn’t just touch the transparent screen. At this year’s CES, the company is also exhibiting a half-moon shaped chair with a built-in OLED screen.

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