Lion Park mural gets accolades  – Post Register

Lion Park mural gets accolades  – Post Register


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Keeping Lockhart’s Beautiful Summer Mural Program unveiled the Lions Park Mural on Saturday, July 16th.

Several Lockhart High School students, LHS teachers and Summer Mural Project co-host Amanda Diaz and Lone Star Workshop artist and owner are painted on the walls around the park bathroom Artwork by Allison Genser and Project Director. Summer Mural Program.

Lockhart Mayor Lew White and Lockhart Downtown Business Association President and Keep Lockhart Beautiful Sally Daniel attended the unveiling, as well as LHS students Ximena Contreras, Annelise Epperson-Jones, Julisa Ramirez, Melyssa Romera Rodriguez and Lillianna Utzinger.
Funding for the mural came in part from a grant from the Caldwell County Community Service Foundation.

Despite the “scorching heat,” Genser said, the students showed up every day between July 5 and 15. She also thanked Lockhart Park Director Travis Hughes and the Caldwell County Community Service Foundation.

“Furthermore, this would not have been possible without Sally’s support and help. Sally and I had been talking about this project a few years ago, and of course, COVID happened and we didn’t have a park supervisor, so we had to wait.

“We are very proud of all our students. We hope to do more mural projects in the future. It’s hot, but everyone is here every day. Our bodies are sore every day, but it’s worth it. But this is one time A very wonderful experience.”

Lockhart police are aware that the artwork has recently been vandalized. A coat of varnish was added to protect the artwork. If vandalism occurs again, the graffiti can be removed without removing the artwork.

This project is part of Keep Lockhart Beautiful’s public art initiative.

Diaz teaches law and public safety at Lockhart High School. She said her students come every day from 7 am to 11 am, or 8 am to noon.

“They really put in a lot,” Diaz said. “I love seeing their creativity.”

At the unveiling ceremony, Daniel thanked everyone involved in the project.

“I want to thank Amanda and Alison and all or the artists who braved the heat day in and day out to create this mural for the community to enjoy,” Daniel said. “You’ve done a fantastic job and should be proud of what you’ve achieved together.”

White said that was his vision for Lockhart.

“I’m always amazed at how much talent we have in this town,” White said. “I really like this type of project. It’s a very high-profile project on the highway. It’s something you guys come back to visit after college and you can say, ‘I painted that.'”


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