Local photographer offering blind date photo shoots

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Lansing, Michigan (WILX)-Many people are fed up with online dating, so local photographers are offering the community a fun and unique option for dating games.

It’s called a stanger session.

It’s a place where two strangers meet for a blind date, which is also a photo shoot.

“It’s a strange concept to see someone you’ve never met before, and the first date is a blind date photography session,” said Laura Hoesel, photographer and owner of Lo Brands. “They show up and have a complete couple session just like the engagement shoot, but it’s really fun because they’ve never met.”

To Laura’s surprise, these sessions are not only fun, but many people in central Michigan are interested in becoming part of it.

“I was impressed. Within 24 hours of posting about it, perhaps 50 people already wanted to do it, but it was an immediate success,” Laura said. “This is a big response and I am very grateful to the community.”

One of the many people who signed up was Lansing’s Michelle Lopez.

“My friend Heidi actually tagged me and her Facebook post. So I got tired of doing a dating app and divorced for about 8 years, so it’s something else, new It’s an attempt, “said Michelle.

The first date was at the Leotown Business Wheelhouse, where couples can make and paint pottery.

Laura also offers another photography option in the East Lansing arcade.

“It’s a very different energy. It’s so much fun because it’s far outside your comfort zone, so you have a good time, laughing, stupid and it’s a great time,” Laura said.

Whether the couple works or not, Laura says she can go home with a set of pottery, courage, and fun photos.

“They can use social media for their own purposes and publish it, but they can also maintain and cherish it if the relationship turns into something.”

For more information on these sessions, https: //www.lobrandsit.com/? You can check Laura’s work with fbclid = IwAR38G3z_arPNH0MZIaAqhHasFhxkauW0V5L6J8J_BVR2pJpV1TYw6dGBVfk.

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