Longevity nonprofit launches NFT collection for human life-extension research

Longevity nonprofit launches NFT collection for human life-extension research

Miami, June 30, 2022 — The Longevity Science Foundation (LSF) is a non-profit organization specializing in longer and healthier human lifespans, focused on raising awareness and donations in the area of ​​longevity. We are launching a new non-alternative token (NFT) collection. The first NFT drop features a longevity-themed image, followed by additional drops from other top NFT artists during the Foundation’s first NFT collection season.

LSF strives to put into practice longevity-focused therapies with the goal of funding research to make longevity medicine accessible to everyone. The NFT Collection will act as a new donation department to support the Foundation, providing grants for cutting-edge research and projects. NFTs serve as a tool that enables LSFs to raise funds transparently while at the same time providing value to donors, giving the Foundation its own usefulness.

Individuals who purchase LSF NFTs will receive donor-specific benefits. This includes access to events by top longevity researchers, unique lectures and resources from the field of longevity, and LSF’s vast network of longevity, emerging technologies and business experts on the Foundation’s advisory board. included. Top LSF contributors will also receive NFT drops as part of their foundation membership.

LSF has partnered with Triptych, an NFT platform dedicated to promoting digital art development, to launch a collection. The world’s top artists offer longevity-themed works for each of the four seasons of the collection. Funding from NFT sales will support projects voted by the LSF Visionary Board and its donors, and all LSF donors will receive voting rights to the proposal selection.

“This is a groundbreaking announcement for LSF,” said Dr. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, Head of Visionary Boards at the Foundation. “We are pleased to be able to harness the power of NFTs to support our mission to promote longevity and look forward to working closely with the rapidly expanding NFT community to do so. I am. ”

At the end of the first season, LSF will submit its work to multimedia artists and announce a public offering to help the Foundation advance the field of human life. This project is a carefully selected collection up to 2022 and aims to bring together 100 creators from around the world.

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About LSF

LSF is a non-profit organization that extends human lifespan by funding the research and development of medical technologies to extend the lifespan of healthy humans. LSF’s long-term mission is to bring cutting-edge science of aging from the lab to the mainstream, making longevity-focused care available to all, regardless of background. For more information, please visit longevity.foundation.

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