Love and Thunder Concept Art Shows Off Baby Thor’s Glorious Hair

Love and Thunder Concept Art Shows Off Baby Thor’s Glorious Hair

Thor: Love and Thunder concept art of baby Thor Odinson and Frigga includes a mini Mjolnir as well as a luxurious golden mane.

Thor: Love and Thunder has shown audiences brief flashes of a young Thor’s life, and early concept art makes baby Thor even more awesome.

Senior costume illustrator Jonay Bacallado shared early concept art for young Frigga and baby Thor in a series of images on Instagram. The main difference between the original drawing and what made it into the film is the inclusion of baby Thor’s luxurious golden locks. Along with the character’s signature mane, the concept art features a pint-sized Mjolnir and a baby carrier styled in a similar design to his original costume in the first Thor. The artwork also shows Frigga wearing a helmet that covers her entire face and has two curved wings designed along the side. In a comparison photo of the movie’s Frigga, played by stunt actor makeshift Chanique Greyling, her helmet exposes more of the face and flattens the wings to the sides.

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Bacallado has shared many of their concept illustrations for the film in recent weeks. The characters include Thor in his Ravager garb, King Yakan of the Indigarians, and several of the MCU’s gods and goddesses who attended Zeus’ spectacle in Omnipotence City, such as Black Panther goddess Bastet. The post shows the earliest iteration of the character and her on-screen counterpart, played by Akosia Sabet.

Thor’s Tale of Finding Himself is a relatively mild hit

Thor 4 begins by quickly bringing audiences up to speed with a montage of Thor’s earliest days in battle and his latest adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy. After I worked off the extra weight put in Avengers: Endgame, the Asgardian still feels that something is missing in his life. This, combined with the recent murders of gods and the appearance of his former god, Jane Foster aka The Mighty Thor, sends him on a journey through space to bring peace to the universe and himself.

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The film has so far earned around $750 million USD since its release. His predecessor, Thor: Ragnarok, is still out of reach at $854 million USD. While that profit is nothing to scoff at, it did raise questions about Marvel Studios’ growing budget issues. The third Thor installment was made on a $180 million budget, while the sequel film added an extra $70 million to that budget for a total of $250 million. Despite the inflated increase, the movie grossed less and is visually similar to Ragnarok.

Thor: Love and Thunder still playing in theaters. The film will also be available to stream exclusively on Disney+ on September 8.

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