Ludwig roasts artist who made Ludwig NFT playing card without his consent

Source: Ludwig

Ludwig Ahgren roasted an NFT creator named Derrick Z or MetaDeckz. This creator created an NFT playing card featuring Ludwig and other popular streamers without permission. In response to the NFT maker on Twitter, Ludwig does not endorse the project and does not appreciate the use of his images without his consent so that the NFT creator can benefit. Revealed.

When did the situation begin Slime Machine retweets MetaDeckz video showing Ludwig trading cardsResponds with a meme indicating certification from the US Patent and Trademark Office of Mogul Moves, the name of Ludwig’s second channel. In response, MetaDeckz made a video that he was an artist who was a fan of streamers, so he used the images without permission and emailed each streamer about the project, claiming that he had “no response.”

“This is a dishonest twist on the reality of your actions,” Ludwig said in his response to the video. “I want to share art, but I’ve created a second drop and app roadmap on my website. There are 5 levels of rarity and over $ 200 floors. I claim to have contacted you. Confirmed. Submitted Twitter. DM has already completed the art in less than 24 hours. Did not follow me on Twitter until SlimesQRT. Instead of getting permission, butt It looks like we’ve been in touch to cover it. “

Ludwig goes on to say, “It’s insane to claim that this is for my community because my community is roasting NFT projects because of shady practices. Your project is representative of that. For example. I think other creators are on the same ship as me. Who can NFT enthusiasts trust? To make sure this isn’t Ragpur? You and the other founders this month Did you create Twitter? Where is your accountability? “

Ludwig further described the NFT project of stealing his images as a “low-effort scam” aimed at stealing his viewers and other streamer viewers. He concluded, “The worst part is that you are a talented artist, but that’s all in vain.”

In response, MetaDeckz said, “I’m not an NFT enthusiast and I don’t like 99%. I’m an artist who found a chance and tried to do something cool in space. But I’m you I’m sorry where I’m from a man, but I hope you’ll do your best in the move to YouTube. We won’t sell these and will disband the entire project. “

The overall situation symbolizes the copyright swamp that many of the NFT markets are involved in.

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Breaking Myths NFT: The Truth and Fake of Controversial Technology

MetaDeckz and many other artists put themselves in boiling water to create everything from original artwork using portraits of people without permission to those who create URLs for YouTube channels like Stephanie Sterling. I am. While NFTs as a technology essentially do not involve stealing, NFTs do not have built-in copyright verification, so over the last two years, thousands of creators have created original artwork, content, or portraits. I noticed that it was incorporated into a commercial NFT. system. This is an ongoing issue that poses a challenge to the legitimacy of the controversial NFT technology.



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