Lynsey Addario defends taking image of dead Ukrainian family that shocked the world: ‘This is a war crime’

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Photographers defended shocking photographs of Ukrainian families killed by Russian troops, and the world claimed such images of “war crimes” as “must-see.”

A photo of Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Lindsey Adario shows a family of four, including two children, lying dead when they just arrived in the capital, Kyiv, from the neighboring city of Irpin. increase.

The family was reportedly targeted by Russian troops when they tried to cross the bridge to enter the capital on Sunday.The image was printed by New York Times On its front page.

A woman and her two children were immediately killed by a mortar bombardment, and Ukrainian soldiers attempted to save one of the seriously injured men. Times..

Irpin’s inhabitants are trying to escape from their city and enter Kyiv using a tattered bridge blown up by Ukrainian troops to slow Russia’s advance.

The disturbing family photos at the top of the newspaper’s top page attracted worldwide attention and raised concerns about the safety of civilians in a war-torn country.

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Lindsey Adario defends the photos she took during an interview with CBS News.

(CBS News)

“We’ve witnessed a lot of horror in the war coverage of the last two decades, but deliberately targeting children and women is a pure evil,” Addario posted on Instagram.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied that his army is targeting Ukrainian citizens.

“I went forward, found a place like behind a wall, and started taking pictures. Within minutes, a series of mortars were getting closer and closer to our position, where I was standing. Landing about 30 feet from, the mother and two children died, “Addario told CBS News.

“But, of course, it was very emotional. First of all, I was just sprayed with gravel from a mortar bullet, which could have killed us very easily,” she said. Added.

“So I was upset, and when our security advisor told me that we could run across the street, I ran, and I saw this family spread out. And I saw these little moon boots and a puffy coat. “

Adario explained that he was rude but had to take a picture. “This is a war crime,” she said.

“I think it’s really important for people all over the world to see these images,” added the photojournalist.

Karim Khan, a prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, said he had begun investigating possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine after being referred by 39 countries.

Britain and its allies have called for a swift investigation into Mr Putin’s bombardment of Ukrainian cities.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accused Russia of committing war crimes and warned Putin that “these horrific acts cannot be blamed.”

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