Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art hosts Off the Wall gallery

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Shawnee – 57 local artists donated artwork to a very popular, fun and fast-paced fundraiser at the Mabby Geller Museum. Please see the donated works in the gallery during the museum business hours on April 5th (Tuesday).

This year’s fundraiser is Friday, April 8th at 6pm. Buy your ticket today and book a Drowning Pool spot for your favorite artwork. In addition, lucky participants have some additional prizes!

This event is only possible with the generous donations of artists from Central Okurahoma. Artwork donations were made by these amazing artists: Meredith Bailey, Scott Baird, Philis Barker, Amanda Basden, Martin Bowford, Alexandra Big Eagle, Debra Big Eagle, Julie Marks Blackstone, Edbolt, Philisbolt. , Teresa Brag, Christa Brennan, Joshua Brunett, Susan Burnett, Becky Emerson Carlberg, Joel Carmichael, Susie Clinard, Sheryl Cozad, Jessica Craig, Robert Craig, Cody Deem, Jude Delaney, Amber DuBoise-Shepherd, Ellen Fausek Kara Gardner, Douglas Gordon, Vernon Hatley, Barbara Steve Hicks, Nancy Putnam Hunter, Cece Kemp, Lucy Ketch, Kelly Kirk, Cliff Lehmann, Sebrina Lynam, Holly McHughes, Sierra Mitchell, Glenda Mullins, Kelly Pennington, Raven, Jason Reimer .. Patrick Riley, Dr. Madeline Rugh, Erinn Shaunghnessy, Sonya Spears, Barbara Stewart, Debbie Stubsten, Crystal Stultz, Barbara Taber, Daryl Talbot, Aubrey Terry, Patricia Trayer, Lisa Vernon, Minnie Ruth Walker, Lesley Wiewel, Cecelia Yoder and Julie Marks Black Special donations by, Douglas Gordon, Kelly Kirk, Sandra Merchant, and Jody Smith.

The event begins at 6 pm with music entertainment by OBU students Brock Brown, Chester Brown, Catherine Burgess, Emily Day, Caitlin Fair and Harold Randolph, with attendees eating and drinking which artwork they like. To do.

At 7:00 pm, paintings, mosaics, photographs, gems, sketches and other works of art created and donated by local artists will be drawn at a faster pace. Lively moderators Tate Monroe and Dr. Jim Vernon will show you a random painting of the night. For each ticket drawn, patrons only have 30 seconds to select a work of art “away from the wall.”

To participate, book your ticket at or call Tonya at (405) 878-5604. Tickets are $ 65. If you want to increase your chances of your favorite work, you can upgrade your ticket for a little more. The random draw starts with an upgraded $ 175 “Eat-my-Dust” ticket and progresses to a $ 125 “Sprinter’s Pool” ticket. All proceeds will be used for the Mabby Geller Museum 2022-2023 special exhibition season starting in July.

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art is located on the OBU Green campus on Shawnee’s 1900 W. MacArthur Street.

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