MacNerd and “SuperCrip” Mint NFTs with Sharp Humor to Make a Point

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MacNerd and “SuperCrip” Mint NFTs with Sharp Humor to Make a Point

HOLLYWOOD, California., February 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MacNerd and SuperCrip Productions today announced a groundbreaking line of digital collectibles to help fund the “SuperCrip” feature film and raise awareness about the lack of Hollywood roles for disabled people. The movie stars Tobias Forrest, a talented actor and C5 quadriplegic. “I am delighted to get my film off the ground with this innovative funding source,” says Tobias. The NFTs have varying levels of rarity and special details; the first run will be 5501 individually hand-crafted GIFs digitally rendered by MacNerd.

“About 26% of the population has some form of disability,” says SuperCrip writer/producer Randall Miller (writer/director of Sundance hits Bottle of shock and Marilyn Hotchkiss), “but less than 1% of movie and TV roles are given to disabled people. Even disabled roles are given to skilled actors. No one is more qualified to portray the disabled than someone who lives with a disability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We decided to disrupt this pattern by creating a parody line of NFTs as outlandish as the current situation Hollywood.”

These digital collectibles are a tonic for Hollywood, depicting parody versions of famous movie characters. Instead of Forrest Gump, there is Forrest Gimp. Instead of James Bond, there is Lame Bond. Hannibal Lectric has an electric wheelchair. Each character in the collection bases its likeness on SuperCrip’s Tobias Forrest.

MacNerd is busy hitting and facilitating the NFT sale. “This collection is fantastic,” says MacNerd’s CEO Steve McKeon. “Not only are these intricate pieces of art, but they also fund the film and raise awareness for thousands of artists who are underrepresented in TV and film.”

The collection has three levels: Super-Powered, Stand Alone, and Franchise. Additionally, there are plans for two additional seasons of Supercrip characters, a racing game, and a Supercrip coin. With Tobias Forrest, Randall Millerand Steve McKeonthe team includes illustrator Michael Davis (writer/director of ShootEm On and 8 Days A Week) and Jody Savin (writer/producer Bottle Shock and Marilyn Hotchkiss).

In addition to fundraising for the film, NFT sales will support donations to organizations and non-profits within the disability space. These companies and foundations include ABILITYMagazine, Fodac, Ralph’s Riders, Triumph Foundation, CinemAbility Foundation, abilityEntertainment, RespectAbility, Artists For Trauma, and Permobil.

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