Made in NC: Fully Alive Wire Art

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As a kid, Hailey Geer, a former UNC student, frequently visited his grandparents’ home. There was a wire flower sculpture on the coffee table. The complexity of the sculpture has always been intriguing to her, and she wanted to recreate it someday.

Gear finally decided to try wire art at the age of 14, but found it to be much more difficult than he had imagined. She started making jewelery and gradually moved on to 3D wire art and sculpture.

In 2016, Geer created Fully Alive Wire Art and sold it on Etsy. But the business didn’t get off to a good start.

“It wasn’t until COVID that something was clicked, I started selling another ton,” she said.

She received more commissions, increased her Instagram account, promoted her work, and began to hone her skills in the process.

“I’m completely self-taught. Most of my learning comes from the committee,” Geer said. “In the beginning, I accepted almost every commission I received, which forced me to learn and grow.”

Never hesitated to take on the challenge, Geer took an unconventional approach to the learning process. She worked on many complex and difficult projects early on. In fact, one of her first works was a turtle sculpture that took nearly 35 hours to complete.

“I had all these aspirations and started with something really complicated,” Geer said. “Because I’m a perfectionist, these projects took a lot of time, but they worked.”

In addition to sculpture, Geer also produces jewelry, bookmarks and wall art. Her most popular products include ballerina figurines, copper chicks and leaf bookmarks.

Geer receives different types of commissions, but the one that makes the most sense to create is always a monument. Many customers have contacted her, who wants to recreate the image of a pet or loved one passing by.

“The ability to help people’s sorrow is arguably one of the most meaningful things I can do,” Geer said. “Who would have thought that through Etsy, we could connect with people around the world in such a meaningful way?”

Over the years, Geer’s business has grown tremendously. Some of her bookmarks are currently on sale at local coffee shops, and she is currently working on an elaborate fairy figurine that she expects to be exhibited in an art gallery. She doesn’t think wire art will be a full-time job, but she wants to give her job to others and eventually grow the team.

Interested in seeing more of Geer’s work? Check out Fully Alive Wire Art Etsy You can see her ever-growing collection of handmade works.

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