Malaysian family showcases over 60 art pieces at Kuala Lumpur exhibitions

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At the forefront of Covid-19’s pandemic medical care, Dr. Stephanie Lip, based at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, faces considerable stress and challenges.

After a long day at work, to relax, Dr. Lip looks at paintings and explores a variety of media such as watercolors, charcoal, acrylics and oils.

“For the past two years, I have realized that during the pandemic, time to take care of myself, relax and rejuvenate is essential. I draw to develop my current skill set, creativity and interests. “We are,” said Dr. Lip, 34, a trainee in clinical pharmacology, treatment, and general internal medicine.

“My favorite thing about painting is that I can create something that describes a story or experience and encourage others to do the same,” said a recent email interview. So Dr. Lip added.

Dr. Lip’s painting of the frontliner experience in the Covid-19 setting was exhibited at the Art in Hospital Charity in Glasgow in 2020.Photo: Dr. Stephanie Lip

In 2020, her painting depicts the experience of the front liner in a Covid-19 setting and was featured at Art In Hospital, a Glasgow-based charity. The painting was created as part of an exhibition to raise funds for a hospital staff rest and relaxation hub.

“I submitted the artwork under the theme of” Drawing Together. ” This helps connect staff, patients and artists through art. The first wave of Covid-19 was accompanied by a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.

“But it’s important to make memories through art, so we can look back on how we survived the pandemic in the distant future,” said Dr. Lip, who shares a photo of her artwork on Instagram. Said.

Dr. Lip is not the only one in her family who loves art. Her parents (Michael Lip (73) and Jean-Marie Kok (67)) are also painters, and all three are exhibiting their work at the same event.

Dr. Lip exhibited seven paintings at Art @ Pavilion KL last December and recently (March 3-6) at Art Deco, World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur. The parents exhibited 40 and 16 items at the two events, respectively.

Michael and Kok recently exhibited more than 50 works at Art @ Pavilion KL and Art Deco in Kuala Lumpur. Michael and Kok recently exhibited more than 50 works at Art @ Pavilion KL and Art Deco in Kuala Lumpur.

“My dad is very talented and his paintings are unique. I aim to improve my skills and be like him in my own way. I would also like to thank my mother, who started painting as a hobby after retiring in 2018, “said Dr. Lip, who has lived in Glasgow for 15 years.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Michael is thrilled that his wife and daughter are following in his footsteps and developing a passion for painting. He is also very proud that his family has exhibited their creative work in public.

“All three of us have their own genres and styles. Jean is interested in the realism of nature and wildlife and mainly paints in watercolor. Stephanie is an abstract and impressionist, watercolor paint and acrylic. I like paints. I like realism and impressionism, and they are versatile in most media except oil.

“Stephanie is abroad now, but when she’s at home she’s painting with her.

Michael, who posted a photo of his work on Facebook, said:

A painting by Michael entitled A painting by Michael entitled “The Chinese Story of Malaysia”.

Michael has been painting part-time for over 50 years. One of his early works was exhibited at the National Museum of Art in the 1960s.

However, he abandoned his interest in painting in the 70’s to focus on his career and raising three children.

In 2019, he enrolled in a painting class, drawing different genres and learning more sophisticated techniques than using different media.

During the pandemic, he completed more than 80 works of art in watercolor and acrylic, including Nyonya pottery, Malaysian flora, culture, and the façade of colonial buildings.

Former advertising account director Cock revealed that her artistically devoted husband was the one who stimulated her interest in painting.

Koku is mainly watercolor and enjoys the realism of nature and wildlife.Photo: Jean Marie CockKoku is mainly watercolor and enjoys the realism of nature and wildlife.Photo: Jean Marie Cock

“Art and its applications in many areas are at the heart of Michael’s life. Painting is a lot of fun.

“When I draw, there is a fun relationship between the subject and me. No matter how simple or ordinary it is, it gives me great appreciation and new awe for the subject.” Said Kok, who trained under the award-winning artist Yeo Eng Peng (47).

Koku also encourages older people to continue their activities.

“I would like to compare our body and mind to a part of a machine. If we don’t oil it regularly, it can get clogged and rusted, and eventually even the simplest tasks can be done. lose.

“Similarly, it’s a good idea to keep your mind active.

“We believe that we should continue to explore and engage for new interests.

“It’s never too late to get a new hobby,” she said.


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