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Marbletown Elementary School enjoyed Diversity Day on Friday, February 11th, thanks to the success of the student-led, hateless event.

According to a press release, the school’s climate improvement program, No Place for Hate, develops student leadership skills, builds a sense of community, and engages students and staff in active learning.

The school’s No Place for Hate committee consists of 2nd and 3rd grade Mirabai Gould, Walter Mykula, Hallie Robie, Dinah Owens, Asher Balconis, Isabelle Schulte, Caitlin Drumm, Robert Morse, Bevin Ferris, Cierra Miller and Gio. increase. Viviani, Aidan O’Keefe, Carter Carr, Caylynn Miles, Charlotte Prota, Olivya Harty. Students on the committee, also known as the Peace Ambassador, are led by Education Coach Felice Digenaro, School Psychologist Amanda Renner, and School Counselor Daniel Waldron.

Every month, students give up their holidays and volunteer to organize events for the school community. In creating a school-wide, hateless activity, the Peace Ambassador brainstormed ideas, embarked on diversity themes, and worked together to plan activities that were meaningful to each learning center.

The purpose of this event was to convey and celebrate all forms of diversity, to discuss how unique everyone is, and to create a forum for expression and reflection. Students’ ability to recognize other individuals’ thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, including ideas and perspectives different from their own, and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds, forms positive relationships at all life stages. I learned to be the center of maintenance. The driving question of the day was, “What does it mean to celebrate diversity?”

After making a detailed plan with these factors in mind, the Commission will
We have created the following learning center. Mask tie-dye station (each tie-dye design is different and the blended colors are a good indication of how diverse communities come together). “Skin I am” station (where the Peace Ambassador reads a book and the students reflect on the paper hands by decorating them with different skin colors). A game station created by Peace Ambassadors and run by the school’s occupational and physiotherapy departments (students wear UNO with blurring glasses or noisy headphones to play UNO parts about disabilities Was educated). A discussion piece presented by Waldron on the overall topic. School-wide fingerprint art work (because each fingerprint is unique). Fingerprint art is used as a banner for the school’s “place without hatred.”


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