Marfa, Texas: A Travel Guide to America’s Coolest Art Town

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Ballroom Marfa

Ballroom Marfa is a contemporary art museum with a constantly rotating exhibition program. Every time you go, you’ll experience a variety of shows by a variety of active artists, including Roberto Carlos Lange and Kristi Sword’s “Kite Symphony.” May.They also outsource site-specific works such as: Stone circle (2018) Inspired by prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge by Harun Mizura, they helped bring “Prada Marfa” and “Giant” to life, which we’ll discuss in more detail later. ..

Chinati Foundation

Marfa has a must-visit place. It’s the Chinati Foundation, a minimalist museum founded by Donald Judd, who drew national attention to this small Texas town. Donald Judd’s 100 untitled untitled pieces will be made of mill aluminum and housed in an old military camp building, or will incorporate the neon lights of Dan Flavin’s site-specific installation. If you are new to art, book a guided tour. The most important thing is to stay for a while.

Judd Foundation

Many of Judd’s works are in the Chinati Foundation, but his town dwelling gives a better understanding of the artist. You can see everything from his vast collection of books, famous for his hours of reading every day, to his studio and even his kitchen. Each room, which has been completely preserved since his last visit in the 1990s, feels like Judd can enter at any time.

“Prada Marfa” by Elmgreen & Dragset

Prada Marfa’s Instagram reputation probably precedes it. (It happens when Beyonce uses you as a background for her Instagram snaps.) Still, the site-specific art installation by Elmgreen & Dragset, supported by the Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa, is still worth a visit. It’s absurd in nature. The “store” is located on a remote ranch land, the doors do not open, and the object of desire (the shoes and handbags of the 2005 Prada collection) is forever frozen inside and cannot be purchased. Is it a commentary, monument, or critique of capitalism? Well, it’s up to you.

John Cerny’s “Giant”

In 1956, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean landed on Marfa to film a spectacular western drama. Giant About the Texas Ranch family in the rise of big oil. Almost 60 years later, artist John Searney built a giant plywood clipping of an old Hollywood star and dropped them on the side of Highway 90 near where the historically significant film was filmed.

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