Marvel’s Moon Knight Concept Art Reveals Unused, Sci-fi Version of Costume


Marvel’s Moon knight Is summarized in Disney +, and some new concept art in the series continues to show off what might have been a comic adaptation. These latest ones come from Marvel Studios visual development supervisor Jackson Gee, who previously unveiled other alternative costume designs from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sze’s latest post on Moon Knight reveals an alternative design for Moon Knight costumes. This was, as they say, a more “sci-fi” look. Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think about the design.

“It took place at the same time as my last Khonshu / Moon Knight image, this is another take of #moonknight in the very early stages of pre-production,” Sze wrote on Instagram. “I’m trying to combine costumes and tones into the same piece. Looking back, it’s too sci-fi to look for the story we told. But in early development, there’s room for direction. Crescent Shape Costumes. Check out @ryan_meinerding_art for the amazing final costumes you’ll see at the show, and also check out @kachristensen_art to establish some of the suit design test stones! “

As you know, the version of the Moon Knight costume that appeared in the live-action series was inspired by the looks of an ancient Egyptian mummy woven with bandages.This came directly from the Marvel Comics page Universe X series.

“If the suit is recalled to exist * like a mummy’s bandage, you’ll feel it’s visually different from all Stark / Nanotech suits currently on the MCU,” said headwriter Jeremy. Slater mentioned earlier. “We used the Universe X costume as a visual aid to suggest a” summon “idea to Kevin Feige. He loved it … but he wanted us to take it one step further. Kevin’s idea was to combine the look of modern Moon Knight with the universe. The end result of the X Mummy Bandage is one of the coolest costumes I’ve ever seen on an MCU and has brought a brilliant life to a team of Marvel artists and designers. And it all started with a fixed version of comic art 20 years ago. On the whiteboard. ”

All episodes of Moon knight When Marvel Studios Assembly: Moon Knight Making Currently streaming on Disney +.



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