Mary Jane & Black Cat Team Up In Action-Packed Cover

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Mary Jane & Black Cat Team Up In Action-Packed Cover

Mary Jane and Black Cat have often been seen as rivals for Spider-Man’s affections, but they actually make a surprisingly formidable team!

A new cover for all actions shows spider man‘s two managers, Mary Jane and Black Cat, team up. Peter Parker’s love life has always been something of a tangled web, simply because his secret superhero identity puts a lot of strain on his private life. There were several occasions when he tried (unwisely) to hide his Spider-Man identity from his latest flame, and it never went well.

Two of Spider-Man’s greatest loves are of course Mary Jane Watson and Black Cat. These two women know all of Spider-Man’s secrets; although relations between them had been frosty for years, they had recently been much more supportive of each other, aware that they had so much in common. They will soon team up again, this time in an adventure in which they struggle to escape the Hell Dimension of Limbo.


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Marvel Comics has revealed the excellent cover for November’s Mary Jane & Black Cat #3, by J. Scott Campbell. Largely disconnected from the plot, it nevertheless shows how effective a team the two women really are. The comic itself is written by Jed MacKay, with art by Vincenzo Carruto, meaning it should be an absolutely must-read for Spider-Man fans.

Mary Jane & Black Cat make a tremendously effective team

The relationship between Mary Jane and Black Cat was particularly strained back in the 90s, at a time when Mary Jane and Spider-Man were married. Mary Jane knew there was a part of Peter’s life she would never be able to share with him, simply because she didn’t have the ability to work as a vigilante. She was well aware that Black Cat was essentially her mirror image, as Felicia Hardy was part of Spider-Man’s world rather than Peter’s. However, the tension gradually eased, with Mary Jane realizing that Black Cat would (almost) always be there when her husband needed her. The two are no longer rivals in the current timeline, with the wedding written out of history, and the two women seem to bond as Spider-Man’s exes.

Strange, however, this particular Mary Jane & Black Cat miniseries will see Mary Jane actually enter Spider-Man’s world. Campbell’s cover might not suggest it, but MacKay’s plot involves Mary Jane gaining powers even as she is exposed to Madelyne Pryor’s Hell Dimension of Limbo. This time it will really be a team of spider man‘s exes

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