Meet Cross-Pollinating Artist Duo Linda Lack & Inksap


PhD, an unconventional duo of Inksap and Linda Lack, is born from a radically different background and cross-pollinates to create art that neither could create on its own. A well-known expert in mind-body connection and dance-based movement meditation, a street artist who has rejuvenated the story’s awareness of how life and the city express themselves in portraits and public places. A new documentary film that unleashes their unique collaboration debuts this week in a visual installation environment specially created to amplify their creative relationships.

Meet linda inskap

Linda Lack & Inksap (Photo courtesy of Stuart Paul)

LA WEEKLY: What is your short answer to those who ask about your work?

Linda Rack: I am a dancer / choreographer. So I drew time and space, on stage, wilderness soil, asphalt parking, and all sorts of canvases. I am deeply interested in socially friendly art. I also spend my life devoting myself to the study of the human body, revealing universal truths about the human body, alignment, movement and breathing, a modern exercise training and therapeutic healing technique called the Thinking Body-Feeling Mind. is created.

INKSAP: I’m Brandon Lamb. An artist who creates works of art that can be found on the streets and galleries. My art blends boundaries between different intersections such as Vietnamese culture and patterns, nomadic culture, environmentally friendly art making, life drawings, screen-printed images of family and friends. .. My repertoire of works provides a public platform for art that is accessible to everyone.

When did you first find out that you were an artist?

Not enough: I know I was born to move since I was 5 years old and have been doing it for over 70 years in some way.

INKSAP: I knew I was an artist when I made a K’NEX set early in elementary school without instructions.

Linda Lack & Inksap (Photo courtesy of Stuart Paul)

Did you go to art school? Why / why not?

INKSAP & LACK: Real-world experience is as effective as formal education, but the answer is that Linda has a graduate degree in performance, choreography, and exercise / education / healing. Inksap did not attend art school, but was taught and trained by a prominent artist. They — Inksap in their 20s, Linda in their 70s — instantly bring a substantive and vast experience that challenges us to escape beyond our own boundaries. Simply put, old dogs teach young dogs new tricks. Young dogs teach old dogs new tricks.

Why do you live and work in LA and not elsewhere?

Not enough: LA gets a bad lap. I love Los Angeles. It is the home and birthplace of my unexpected encounter with Inksap. Where else can you cross him, our art, the population of the university, the world of “high-faltin” art, the yoga community, dancers, writers, medical professionals, healers, and other homeless people and tourists to see Can you do it? Diversity of the Los Angeles community?

Linda Lack & Inksap (Photo courtesy of Stuart Paul)

Who are the most alive or dead artists you want to show or work with?

Not enough: Ink sap.

INKSAP: Lindarak.

Do you listen to music at work? If so, what is it?

Not enough: Thank you for your silence. Sometimes I hear the voice inside my body and I like the huge singing bowl.

INKSAP: Listen to your thoughts and anxieties while working. They motivate and inspire me.

When / was the current / latest / next show or project?

LACK & INKSAP: The next show Chance to paint each other.. This is a multi-layered performance experience centered around a shared street art installation followed by wall art created by Inksap.World premiere of Stuart C. Paul’s new documentary Ink & Linda Followed by Q & A; and a live and intimate demonstration that reveals our artistic process. The show is scheduled from March 5th to 6th and 11th to 13th at the Helms Design Center in Culver City. Then, on Thursday, March 24, the film will begin the 20th season of Dance Camera West at 2220 Arts & Archives (formerly Bootleg Theater).

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