Melania Trump Is Launching ‘POTUS NFT Collection’ Amid Questions Surrounding Her Own Digital Art Collection


Top line

Former First Lady Melania Trump has released the incumbent digital artwork of former President Donald Trump as a non-alternative token collection, her office said: statement Thursday is the day after Bloomberg’s report questioning her first NFT digital art auction.

Important facts

A statement posted Thursday morning on Melania Trump’s Twitter account unveiled the “POTUS NFT Collection,” which consists of 10 digital artworks and 500 to 1,750 editions of each item.

With a total of 10,000 NFTs and a price of $ 50 each, they “emphasize symbolic moments” from the former presidential administration, such as a visit to Mount Rushmore on July 4th and Christmas at the White House. statement Said.

Melania Trump has given the collection “creative direction”, the statement said.

The collection uses the Solana blockchain protocol, and the right-wing social network Parler “strengthens the platform.” statement Said.

However, the announcement came the day after Bloomberg published a report that questioned the auction about its debut NFT collection, and the winner of the auction used a digital wallet owned by the entity that created the auction, the Trump NFT. I paid attention to. The team may have purchased the item themselves.

The new collection will be released on February 21st, Presidential Day.

Main background

The former First Lady launched the “Melania Trump NFT” platform in December to keep up with the NFT trend. According to DappRadar, a platform that collects data from more than 10 different blockchains, NFTs exploded in popularity last year, with sales rising from $ 94.9 million in the previous year to $ 24.9 billion. Even before Bloomberg’s report, Trump’s first NFT auction was unable to attract bidders who were willing to pay a starting price of $ 250,000 by the January 25 deadline, so media reports It became a target. Asking questions about the auction, the digital wallet listed as the creator of Trump’s NFT auction transferred about US $ 372,000, a digital stablecoin fixed to US $, to the second wallet for an additional 1,800. I sent the SOL to the winning bidder’s wallet, Bloomberg. report. The winning bidder paid 1,800 SOL (equivalent to about $ 185,000) for the “Head of State” collection, which includes the digital art of the first official official visit of Melania Trump in 2018. Trump’s office did not respond immediately. Forbes Request for comment. Her office denied reporting to Bloomberg, stating that “the transaction was facilitated on behalf of a third-party buyer.”


Some celebrities, including Paris Hilton, have successfully sold their NFT collections. That wasn’t the case for everyone. At the September event, professional wrestler and actor John Cena sold only 37, so trying to sell 500 NFTs was called a “catastrophic failure.”


The money that won the Melania Trump NFT came from the Melania Trump Wallet (Bloomberg)

Melania Trump said she partnered with MoonPay for a new NFT line, but the company has denied involvement (Forbes).



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