Melbourne L!VE: NFTs a new avenue to collecting first-party data

Melbourne L!VE: NFTs a new avenue to collecting first-party data

AdNews Melbourne L!VE Panel with Corrine Barchanowicz, Head of Brand Marketing and Experience at Vicinity Centers

Has the removal of cookies sent almost every marketer into a frenzy? Could Web 3.0 technology be the answer to first-party data collection?

On stage at AdNews Melbourne L!VE Corrine Barchanowicz, head of brand marketing and experience at Vicinity Centres, said: “We worked with Fabric, our creative agency, for our Christmas campaign, but we launched in September, which is really late for our industry because we didn’t know if our stores could open again for Christmas or not.

“The Galleries, our property in the city of Sydney, is a shopping destination that has really suffered the worst of the pandemic.

“We actively tried to think through solutions that would create a safe space for people to feel comfortable returning to the city.

“Creating a digital experience was something we thought our customers might see as a novelty or unexpected in a mall.

“So with our creative agency we redesigned the concept of a Christmas tree using NFT items. The idea was to utilize the skills of the artists to be able to create that experience.

“At the same time, the NFT project was actually about recognizing the artists as creators who also suffered a lot from the pandemic.

“We collaborated with eight different artists, and we created an NFtree that was part of the Christmas Tree experience.

“For us, we wanted to grow community and we had a great experience doing that as we let the NFT artists themselves take the lead – in designing the experience and the art.

“As a result, we saw a very strong traffic in that property. You know it’s going to sound bad, but it’s promising in context.

“We got traffic to within 10% of what it was pre-pandemic, which we hadn’t seen in the CBD market at the time.

“So customers came into the center, saw the art and the novelty of an NFtree led them to the blockchain and purchasing the NFTs.

“We were then also able to capture customer data and get those people on our database, which was also important to us.

“At the end of the day, we made sure that everything was set up so that the NFTs were sold directly to the artists. We had no interest in taking a portion of it – it wasn’t commercial in that sense.

“But as a result we sold all the NFTs with one selling close to $15,000.

“We learned about the role of NFTs and how technology can support our goal of cultivating community and leaning on those experts who can help lead the way.

“And it really became a talking point in our industry because initially when we told people in the mall industry that we were doing NFTs, we got a lot of funny faces.”

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