Meticulous Sculptures by Artist Carol Long Highlight the Curved Lines and Colorful Embellishments Found in Nature

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# Animals # Ceramics # Insects # Plants # Pottery

November 30, 2021

Grace Evert

All images © CarolLong, shared with permission

Respecting the humble form of the ship is central to Carol Long’s practice. From her studio in the countryside of Kansas, the artist throws a distorted simple ceramic cylinder into a vase with supple butterfly wings, curved chrysalis, or a decorated handle. “I usually sit for a moment to look at the work and see how it can be pushed or pushed.”

The long sculpture emphasizes smooth, winding walls and wavy foundations rather than angled edges, but the resulting shape is reminiscent of both flora and fauna and traditional pottery. She uses slip trailing to add tactile decorative elements such as small spheres, handles, and raised line drawings to her work. “The glaze relationship inside the vector, the shape created by slip trailing, is very important in terms of how they are divided and how they are placed next to each other,” she says. increase. It involves applying the material to each complex rib pattern and delicate contour.

Whether it’s a vase or a wide-mouthed jar, the whimsical sculptures are full of color and textured details. “I love flowing lines and I love the idea of ​​painting in a pot. Often I have an animal or insect-like focus and assembled it with other designs.” Says the artist.

Long will hold an annual open house in the studio next month and will be exhibiting a series of works at the Charlie Cummings Gallery in July 2022. Until then, we’ll buy works available on Etsy and plan to update them in mid-December. Her latest work on Instagram. (via Female art).

# Animals # Ceramics # Insects # Plants # Pottery

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