Mid-Century Photographs by Swedish Photographers

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Keith Deleris Gallery Innovative works present a selection of 13 skilled mid-century Swedish photographers who remain relatively unfamiliar to the American public. Eight of these individuals were part of TIO (Swedish for “10”), a collection of Swedish photographers founded in 1958. From nature and industry scenes to abstraction and fashion Swedish modern It captures the wide range of creative styles and interests that existed in the minds of mid-century Swedish artists. Combining a wide variety of subjects among photographers in this exhibition is their common quest for the possibilities of what a camera can do.

Rolf Winquist (1910-1968) was a highly regarded Swedish fashion and commercial photographer and an inspiring mentor for young Swedish artists of the 20th century. Winquist was the artistic of studio assistant Stained Drick Verander (1921-2001) and apprentice Hans Hamalskild (1925-2012) while working as head photographer for Studio Ugra in Stockholm from 1939 until his death. It affected growth. These photographers will be two of the 10 founding members of TIO, a group of primarily photojournalist who were also interested in commerce, fashion, nature and abstract photography. Other founding members of TIO presented at this exhibition include Harry Ditmar (1910-2000), Georg Odner (1923-2007), Lennart Olson (1925-2010) and Sven Gilsatter (1921-2001). ), Pål Nils Nilsson (1929-2002). Olson’s Triptych, Project for murals (1960) Abstracts the rigidity of the modern bridge industry through the composition of a dramatic trio of innovative views and deep contrast. Around the same time, Gillsäter chose to take the camera across city boundaries into nature to record the life of wild polar bears. Later, documentary photographer Berndt Klyvare (1929-2008) joined TIO as “stringer” (a term for a photographer who became a member of a co-operative after its establishment).

The work of the founding members of TIO was published in 1971 at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Swedish contemporary photography.. Swedish modern Keith de Lellis Gallery is the first group show in the United States in over 50 years to showcase famous works created by members of the TIO Collective.

Anna Riukin (1908-1970) was born in Russia, came to Sweden in 1914 and opened her own photo studio in 1928. As a seasoned photojournalist, Riukin photographed a variety of subjects, including nature, ballet and portraiture. Kary H. Lasch (1914-1993) is a fashion photographer whose work has an artistic style that approaches the points of minimalism and abstraction. This style is shown in the photo, where only a slight silhouette of the model’s neckline makes a set of pure white pearls not appear to float in a pitch-black field. Sune Jonsson (1930-2009) was an ethnologist, photographer and filmmaker specializing in Swedish social and cultural records that were gradually replaced by industrialization in northern Västerbotten. ..

Collectively, this exhibition includes Sten Didrick Belander, Harry Ditmar, Sven Gilsarter, Hans Hammerskild, Sven Yosta Johansson, Sne Jonsson, Bernd Crivale, Carrie H. Rush. , Pål Nils Nilsson, Georg Odner, Renato Olson, Anna Riukin. And Rolf Winquist.

Swedish Modernity: Mid-Century Photographs by Swedish Photographers

December 9th-March 11th, 2022

Keith Deleris Gallery

41 East 57th Street, Suite 703

New York NY10022


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