Mill and Commons LTD produces furniture to last a lifetime

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Made in Vancouver is a collaboration between Vancity and Daily Hive. Together, we are spotlighting local businesses, organizations and individuals who are helping to create a healthy local economy.

Mill and Commons LTD We manufacture timeless furniture that is entirely milled, designed and manufactured in Canada.

It was It was born out of a love for modern furniture that is ethical, sustainable, yet beautiful and meticulously crafted. All workers and suppliers are paid fairly and the materials are always environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

Vancity has been supporting people in our community since 1946, like local entrepreneurs. As part of the Made in Vancouver series, which spotlighted local businesses, we spoke with Mill and Commons LTD owner Andrew McKillop about his design strategy and sustainable furniture. Find out more about what Vancity is doing in the community at

Andrew McKillop I want people to know that it takes time to make something different.

“I’m a normal person. I don’t come from money. I worked 40 hours a week as a project manager for a digital agency, but when it came to making environmentally friendly purchases, I felt the price was reduced. “He told the Daily Hive.

McKillop didn’t always want to work in the furniture industry. In fact, he has a degree in finance and originally started his career at several well-known banks. He only moved to design when he moved to Vancouver.

“I worked briefly with some interior design companies, but I quickly learned that most large companies buy from a few manufacturing facilities abroad. A catalog of designs that furniture companies can choose from. After being given, they make small changes. [that their pieces] It is “unique”. Then everything goes to production, “he explained.

“That’s why some furniture looks like an almost exact copy, even if it’s sold in another store.”

He alsoThese parts are cheap and fast manufactured, and their lifespan is long enough to make you feel worth the money.

This virtuous circle has revealed to McKillop that there is a gap in the market for beautiful and sustainable furniture that deserves its price tag and is harmless to our environment.

He knew what he needed to do I found a furniture company with a social conscience. Therefore, Mill and Commons was born.

Mill and Commons have never been easier for McKillop. It took almost two years to figure out how to create a scalable manufacturing process that would allow him to mill in Canada and manufacture in Vancouver.

It took time to find an organic, biodegradable finish to make a truly circular economy product. It also took time to find a box maker in Alberta to make 100% recyclable plastic-free boxes.

The range of Mill and Commons furniture is currently a few, but will be expanded next year to include styling accessories and a range of new pieces.

Each piece of furniture is made entirely in Canada and is designed and manufactured in East Vancouver.Sustainable FSC certified wood milling and vegan assembly in Ontario, furniture manufacturing in North Vancouver, customer support in Vancouver, and boxes manufactured in Calgary.

Since these activities take place here in Canada, Mill and Commons personally states that everything that goes along the chain is ethical and that everyone who works along the chain is paid fairly and treated equally. Can be guaranteed.

“We want to be the next big furniture company in Canada. We want to be a catalyst for change. It shows that ethical furniture doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars.”

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