Modern Islamic Arts Launches to Reshape the Global Islamic Wall Art Landscape, Offers 20% Discount and Free Shipping

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The latest collection of modern gray and beige Islamic patterns

Allah's 99 Names-Islamic Design of Contemporary Islamic Art

Allah’s 99 Names-A Symbolic Design of Contemporary Islamic Art

Kaaba-Mecca Tabletop Acrylic Block Decoration Islamic Art

Kaaba-Mecca Tabletop Acrylic Block Decoration Islamic Art

With over 100 designs, Modern Islamic Arts offers a redefined collection of Islamic wall art, Islamic gifts, and decorations for Muslims around the world.

With new designs and bold colors that match the decoration of modern homes, we have created amazing Islamic works of art to serve the Islamic community in North America and Europe with the highest quality standards. “

— Mazen E., CEO of Contemporary Islamic Art

Oakville, Ontario, Canada, March 11, 2022 /, it’s almost impossible to find high-quality Islamic art in a modern, contemporary design that can be hung on the walls of your home or office. .. The art of Islamic walls continues to be an integral part of their culture, regardless of the society in which Muslims find themselves or their social status. However, sifting through thousands of wall art and decorative designs to find the right one for this modern age can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. In this regard, Modern Islamic Arts has announced that Muslims around the world will be offered the opportunity to shop online and choose from a variety of designs, colors, sizes and framing options to suit their budget and tastes. This kind of flexibility is the first of its kind.

Modern Islamic Arts is the first company of its kind to refurbish popular Islamic art to suit modern tastes and decorations. Modern Islamic Arts uses stylish designs, high quality fine arts and popular trend colors to design new trendy Islamic art for home use. The company boasts more than 130 designs of beautiful Islamic art decorations to give the walls a modern look, while maintaining the importance of each work of art and the flexibility to choose the size and framing options of any work of art. increase.

“We wanted to reshape the artistic and decorative landscape of Islamic walls by freeing us from the dominant monochromatic metal and wooden notches,” said Mazen E, CEO of contemporary Islamic art. . Explained. “We have created amazing Islamic art pieces with new designs and bold colors that match the decorations of modern homes. In addition, of North American and European Muslims who previously relied on imports from East Asia. It was our desire to serve the community by locally producing premium Islamic art pieces with industry-leading quality standards and designs consistent with Western Muslim homes. “

The Contemporary Islamic Art Collection is the largest online collection of Islamic wall art in the world. As the Holy Moon of Ramadan approaches, the sale of contemporary Islamic art offers a great opportunity for Muslim Ummahs to renovate their homes during that period and give gifts to friends and loved ones. The quality of each art design is guaranteed as it is made in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Contemporary Islamic art is known for its iconic design of the 99 Allah names. This design is currently offered as an ornament for Islamic watches and acrylic blocks. Other notable items include Islamic pattern designs and arabesque murals. The Muslim community in Europe and North America can take this opportunity to get these arts at a 20% discount and free shipping worldwide.

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