Moon Knight Art Reveals Much Scarier Design for Crocodile God Ammit (Photos)


Well, the last episode of Moon knight Released on Disney +, the show’s concept art is slowly beginning to flow. These concept arts gave fans a glimpse of what happened to fans, such as London being consumed in the sand, directly inspired by Jefflemia’s “Moon Knight,” but now it’s the crocodile goddess Ammit. A terrifying alternative design has been revealed.

Given the creativity and work required to design the Egyptian gods Cons and Taweret, the same is easy to say for Ammit, which appears only in the finale of the series, “Gods and Monsters.” The title of the episode could have been much more accurate, as one of Ammit’s designs was proposed to be much larger.


Some huge concept art of Ammit

Concept artist Gerad Marantz posted Ammit’s early concept art Moon knight, Depicts her in a much more demonic form than the appearance of her final humanoid at the finale.This is Marantz “Quite early” The development stage of the series and with him “Many other artists were just generating options.”

Marantz’s Ammit artwork is much more in line with Egyptian mythology, giving the crocodile goddess the lion’s mane that was lacking in the finale of the series. She was also suggested to look much more demonic and animal-like, undressed like her final design.

Gerad Marantz

Marantz showed two design variations, bipedal and quadrupedal, making her look more like a greedy animal.


Ammit Concept Art Moon Knight
Gerad Marantz

This huge version of Ammit is far less dignified than what was seen at the last show wearing the glamorous Egyptian outfit of the series.

Ammit Comparison Moon Knight

Marantz also includes a close-up of Ammit’s head, showing her more crocodile features, revealing more teeth, and looking better at her mane.

Ammit Head Concept Art Moon Knight
Gerad Marantz

This is very different from Ammit’s last hairstyle at the show. There she sports decorated braids instead. The Egyptian goddess seemed more sly and wicked in the series, but this concept describes Ammit as a terrifying beast.


Ammit Moon Knight Comparison

Finally, Marantz had an illustration of Ammit burning in both red and blue flames. It’s unclear what purpose this served in the series, but it’s certainly scary.

Ammit Fire Concept Art Moon Knight
Gerad Marantz

Given that this was an early stage of pre-production, they probably hadn’t determined more humanoid ammits at that time. Therefore, this more animal-like goddess iteration was immediately discounted as an option.

Ammit framing design
Gerad Marantz

Marantz created a version of the reptile god with a bright blue flame, and actually created a rather nasty picture.


Ammit Blue Flame Design
Gerad Marantz

True sea animal battle

It would be strange that if Ammit settled on this design, she would have been a full-fledged monster at the finale where Cons would have had to fight instead. But it was a bit unpleasant to see such a beast-like design speak eloquently with both Hello and Cons, so it’s great that Ammit has become a much more humanoid design.

But since Egyptian Godzilla is essentially attacking Egypt, it would undoubtedly further accentuate the final battle between Ammit and Cons. Despite its potential temptation, it was best to stay united in the design of the Egyptian gods.


But it’s hard to believe that fans only saw the three designs of the Egyptian gods when at least dozens of gods remained by the end of the series.Perhaps fans will be treated to see more of these designs Thor: Love and Thunder When Gore tried to slaughter them.

Moon knight Currently streaming on Disney +.



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