More than 1,000 JO&JOE hotel plans in China revealed


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Accor, Ennismore and Country Garden’s Funyard have announced plans to develop the series of JO&JOE hotels across the country.

The long-term master franchise agreement represents more than 100,000 rooms for the lifestyle brand.

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Fangya, one of China’s top hotel and property developers, has partnered with Accor and Ennismore to bring the JO&JOE lifestyle brand to China and open at least 1,300 hotels. Fengya is the exclusive partner of JO&JOE brand in China.

“Together with Country Garden’s core alliance enterprise, Funyard Ennismore, Accor will create a new travel experience, offering unconventional, inspiring and eco-friendly hotels that welcome visiting guests and nearby locals, blending personality, ideas and talents to fully Expressing the soul of the inner JO&JOE brand experience,” said Gary Rosen, CEO of Accor Greater China.

“Accor has already experienced record growth in Greater China, and our new partnership with Funyard continues to strengthen our leadership in lifestyle hotels. We are delighted to be joining forces with Funyard, which already has a strong presence in the market. .”

“We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Funyard’s second anniversary than with Accor and Ennismore to bring the JO&JOE experience to China,” added Yong Zhang, CEO of Funyard Hotels & Resorts.

“We share their values, mindset and commitment to delivering unique experiences. We still have many synergies to explore – such as Accor’s global expertise and distribution network, as well as our vast inventory of assets. Together we look forward to making JO&JOE the The benchmark for affordable lifestyle hotels in China.”

Growth in the lifestyle segment

The JO&JOE lifestyle brand is part of the Ennismore brand collective. Accor and Ennismore have started a joint venture to create a new entity in 2021.

Designed to challenge convention, JO&JOE aims to be positive, authentic and fun, with each hotel offering guests and locals a comfortable hotel and friendly social gathering place.

Gaurav Bhushan, co-CEO of Ennismore, said: “Globally, the lifestyle segment is generating strong interest and has a strong growth trajectory. “We will continue to strengthen our position in this segment, our concept blends entertainment concept and feature restaurants and bars that appeal to locals and guests alike. “

“Our lifestyle brands are directly linked to the local community – at JO&JOE, the fusion of street art, music and food, all of which make each destination unique and appeal to a new generation of travelers.”

By partnering with Accor and Ennismore, Funyard aims to become a key player in the lifestyle hospitality space. These new JO&JOE hotels offer high quality and affordable accommodation that will encourage travelers to explore more of China.

Previously, Accor and Country Garden had cooperated on hotel projects involving high-end hotel brands. JO&JOE’s first location in China will be announced later this year. The brand currently has operating properties in France, Austria, Colombia and Brazil.


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