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Photo: Tina Kistinger | South News | The South Pasadena City Float, designed about 10 years ago, was pulled from the archive.

When completed, the floats in South Pasadena will be the highest to date in the long history of participating in the Rose Parade.

It’s a word from Brandt Dunlap, the president of the organization responsible for its construction.

“As you know, Rose’s South Pasadena Tournament Commission has been working hard all year round to fund our floats to send floats to Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena on January 1st of each year since 1893. “I work for,” Dunlap said in an email.

He pointed out that the cost of flowers and steel soared for a variety of reasons, making the 2022 entry the most expensive to date. Float construction and decorative chairs, Joss Rogers and Janet Benjamin, respectively, have all been so expensive these days that South Pasadena considers spending about $ 150,000 against the previous entry of $ 100,000. doing.

Major fundraising activities sponsored by SPTOR are approaching to absorb the weight of large invoices.

A favorite of the traditional community, the Live Crunchtime Party will return, featuring dinner and a silent / live auction, after a year’s break at the War Memorial at 6 pm on December 29th. Contact Ellen Torres ([email protected] or [email protected]) for party details and tickets. Tickets are $ 60 each.

“But to be safer, by design, only half of the regular participants will participate,” Dunlap explained, referring to the pandemic. “For this reason, we decided to hold another online crunchtime auction, such as last December and 2021 golf tournaments.”

Photo: Brandt Dunlap | South News | The South Pasadena City Float, designed about 10 years ago, was pulled from the archive.

For those who haven’t attended the crunchtime live event, there will also be a wide selection of online auctions to support floats from 12:00 am on December 27th to 8:00 pm on December 30th. Visit to join.

“With all the support we have in the past, we have a successful float every year,” says Dunlap. “I’d like to ask for a donation, but what I’m really asking for is to watch the auction, share it with friends and family, register if you’re interested, bid, and have fun. Show items You don’t have to register for it, just bid. “

Features of South Pasadena’s float “Sky’s the Limit” 5 ostriches, Including one – towering over others wearing jetpacks, leather helmets, scarves and goggles – blown off snow-covered mountain peaks. Due to its whimsical design and devoted volunteers spending thousands of hours, Dunlap is a tournament of floats in 2019 (“Three Little Birds”) and 2020 (“Three Little Birds”). We hope to join the two awards we received from Rose and win another award. “Finally victory.”)

He understands that it wouldn’t happen without people who devote their hearts and souls to their creation each year.

“Thanks for your dedication and continued support to SPTOR,” Dunlap concludes with a message to the community seeking financial support for the city’s floats. “Happy holidays for you and your family.”

For more information on the parade and how to contribute, please visit

Photo: James Jontz | SPTOR | South Pasadena New | Rose South Pasadena Tournament officials say the 2022 Rose Parade city floats will be the most expensive in the long history of the event.


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