Mother-daughter duo team up for new exhibit

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Wilna uses bright colors and large formats to describe her style as “paintically expressive,” and her daughter’s paints at this exhibition are particularly subdued, with more directional strokes. I explained that there is.

“Both of our work have so many overlapping themes, and I think that’s what connects us,” Wilna said.

Ferstemberg graduated with a bachelor’s degree (art) from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 1996. Discovering her love of art in her late teens, Tia graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2020 and earned her bachelor’s degree in art.

“Our processes and styles are very different and clear, but our work is tied together by invisible themes. The bond of relationship between mother and daughter, and the identity, home, and memory. It’s an idea, “Tia said. “Photographs, stories, ongoing traditions, languages ​​and family addictions have made our first home part of our cultural identity.”

Both Ferstembergs are first-generation Canadians. Immigration from South Africa to Canada in 2005 is reflected in this series of work. This life-changing decision and the spillover effect of the transition are still felt today and are widespread in both their artistic practices. The symbols of nature, the different landscapes, and the memories of these two countries overlap in each work.

Latitude is an important concept. This is the angular distance north or south of the Earth’s equator, but when placed inside it can also be the distance between the head and heart.

Farstemberg submitted an exhibition proposal to Marcus Miller, director and curator of the Man Art Gallery over a year ago, and was once accepted. Tia applied for a micro grant through SK Arts. This grant funded all supplies for the exhibition.

Wilna admitted that she had two other daughters, one passionate about writing and the other with make-up and artistry.

“We all have creative outlets in different ways,” she said.

Inner Latitude ends on March 25th. John V Hicks Gallery is open on weekdays. From 9am to 9pm and Saturday from 10am to 4:30 pm.

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