Mum creates ‘Ghostbusters’ bedroom for just £80 using B&Q and Amazon bargains

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The two mothers transformed their son’s bedroom into a Ghostbusters-themed space.

Poppy Jones, 31, from South Wales, used B & Q and Amazon bargains to create his son Frank’s dream bedroom for just £ 80, inspired by his favorite movie.

Poppy told the Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, which saves money at

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“The kids finally got their own room, so it was a special opportunity, and for a long time they could get each room, so I wanted to make it especially spectacular. My son Frank himself. With autism, his latest obsession includes Ghostbusters. He watches it every day.

“One of his favorite scenes was when Slimer slimmed a hot dog vendor. He was very specific to the hot dog request. When I was browsing Ghostbusters merchandise, everything was so much. It was expensive. The official Pop Out Wall Art Slimer costs around £ 500 to £ 1,000.

“It’s definitely not suitable for 4-year-old fans, but I didn’t have anything available within my budget, so I decided to make it myself. I’ve been working hard on how I can make one. Thinking about it, I tested some materials. “

Poppy made a papier-mâché slimer for Frank’s bedroom.

Poppy noticed that the clay was too hard and the bubbles were too thin to swell, so he turned to papier mache. She goes on to say: She said, “I remember doing a project from a papier mache while I was at an art school. It’s me how easy it was to work with paper.

“Papier-mâché slimer took more than 20 hours and was made over multiple layers. He is entirely made of PVA glue and newspaper and finished with acrylic paint. Then I’m behind him. I made a hole in the bracket so he was hanging with Rawlplugs and screws.

“The bedroom itself was hand-painted using the paint already in the studio for my business. The green is B & Q’s emulsion balsper and the rest is acrylic. Most of the others are mostly from Amazon. . “

This includes sticky vinyl brick paper, where poppies cost around £ 5 per roll. She explained: “I needed four on one wall. The yellow one on the chest of his bed and drawer is a dangerous safety tape, which is also about 4 pounds per roll from Amazon.

“I used extra emulsion on the background of the slime drops and slimer sculptures. The logo itself was painted by hand by just copying the image online. It glows in the dark. I got the paint from B & Q. ..

“I used a pintuck to create a perfect circle, attached a pencil to the other end and swooped down to trace it. I got a silver vinyl to cover the bookshelf and gave it a fire department feel. Roll again from Amazon for about £ 6. I used it to set the shelves.

“The green bean bag that fits snugly under the bed was also made by Amazon for around £ 16 and the Amazon bedding was around £ 25. I already had a lamp shade and painted it with hazard stripes and upcycled it. Be careful when applying fabric around the light and always use the LED safe valve. The LED strip light was purchased from Amazon for £ 5. “

Poppy uses B & Q and Amazon products to keep costs down.
Poppy uses B & Q and Amazon products to keep costs down.

The total cost of the project was about £ 80 for poppies. She states: “I was surprised to find out that I saved a lot of money and made something cool from the newspaper. Frank loves his new bedroom and is very happy. He plays Ghostbusters there every day, Plays some scenes.

“I love this piece and will add as few as possible, including a real ghost containment unit that screwed into the wall at Frank’s request!”

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