Mum ‘really offended’ by friend’s response to ‘not cheap’ gift for her newborn


The mother was left “really offended” by her friend’s reaction to the gift she bought for her new baby.

The mother explained that the baby sent a “really pale pink” and “really pale yellow” baby outfit to a friend who was only three months old, but was surprised by the friend’s reaction.

She took me to Mumsnet’s popular Am I Being Unreasonable [AIBU] A thread seeking advice on how to deal with the situation.

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In a post titled “Sorry, the colors don’t suit my baby,” the woman wrote: It’s like a T-shirt or jogger set you got at a small independent shop.

“No, I just commented that the colors weren’t correct. The baby is 3 months old.

“Aibe [am I being unreasonable] I don’t think I dreamed of making such a comment. I had some really unusual colors, but I smiled and said thank you and the kids wore them because I was grateful for receiving the gift. I’m really offended-they weren’t cheap either. “

In a follow-up comment, the mother added: [dear son] Born, not my favorite, he was still wearing it!It was a gift so the baby could wear anything and didn’t have to buy anything [as] He has grown up! People were so generous with their gifts that I wouldn’t say anything but thank you !!! “

Fellow Mumsnet users rushed to share their views in the comments section.

One said, “She is not a friend! I’m sorry, she was very rude to you, but I think you’ve learned your lesson now.”

Another said: “Yanbu [you are not being unreasonable].. It’s so rude to your friends … “

Third comment: “Oh, you have a very rude and funny friend! I got some baby clothes that didn’t suit my taste. I never dreamed of saying anything other than thank you. Still, they were worn, given that little babies don’t really have an opinion on these things. “

Another said, “She will be one of these parents, so she will never buy for her again and leave this cheeky f *** er right away.”

And another comment: “That’s rude. Some people bought absolutely scary clothes for their babies because they talk about frills, flashy colors, sticky slogans, etc., but I politely told them. Thank you and passed them or just used them. Don’t give them what they look like ***. “

At the time of writing, 98% of Mumsnet users voted that it was not unreasonable for their mother to feel angry with her friend’s reaction to the gift.

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