Mumbai Art Street: A mural on the city’s ‘Mumbainess’

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As fishermen stare at the traffic, the Adivasi dance on the shore, police guards, and Dabbawala pass the metro, plump flamingos pass through the stream. The scene is replayed with a vast 1000-foot mural on the complex wall of Ismail Yusuf University in eastern Jogeshwari. It will be displayed as you climb the Western Express Highway, competing with signs and ads along the route.

Abhishek Kumar Singh, 45, who conceptualized and designed this mural under the label of his agency, Curves and Colors, said: look. “Shin was asked to paint a mural following a bid from a disabled person.

He said he met with civilian officials and MLA Ravindra Waikar and proposed a mural showing “what makes a city a city.” “A city is not only its architecture, but its heroes, policy makers, and its biodiversity,” he said.

The mural, named “Wall of Progress” by PWD, was created in two phases from late 2019 to early 2020. After the first phase was over, the “I love Jogeshwari” sign was added to the mural site. Shin has assembled a team of 20 to paint a mural led by artists Nireem Mahunt, Routine Soni and Hershad Mumbaiker. The murals made of weatherproof exterior paint are the charm of vintage Bollywood posters. In particular, it is a section showing that actor Amitabh Bachchan plays a symbolic role in Coolie.

Born in Patna, Shin previously worked as an art director, helping with films such as “Life in a Metro” and “Johnny Gaddaar” and graduated from Baroda’s MS University. He soon came to Mumbai. Living in Andeli West, he saw this wall many times as he traveled around the city and felt that it would be the perfect canvas to see both public art and his own designs.

The murals depict Maharashtra-related leaders such as Baltakkelai, BR Ambedkar, and Jotivara Opure. Cultural landmarks such as the Gateway of India and educational institutions such as the University of Mumbai are also displayed here. Some of the murals also pay homage to Ismail Yusuf University.

The murals begin with a large section dedicated to the city’s multidimensional culture and the many beliefs that follow. Created in the second phase of the project. The Mount Mary Church, Hajiaridarga and the Gampati procession are also located here. Mr. Singh said he was thinking about European Renaissance murals. In this mural, celestial bodies are often drawn on the ceiling, and the mortal are often drawn below.

The murals provide visual relief during your daily commute, especially as the dense green covering rises above the walls. Like its muse, this painted city has many elements that Shin believes will be “a new experience for those who see it every day.”


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