Mumbai Based Photographer Yadnyesh Joshi Creates Playful Compositions at The Drawing Board’s 8 Degree House

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Mumbai Based Photographer Yadnyesh Joshi Creates Playful Compositions at The Drawing Board’s 8 Degree House

This week’s featured project takes us to Bengaluru, where we have Mumbai-based architectural photographer Yadnyesh Joshi’s stunning images of The 8 Degrees House.

The 8 Degrees House is the brainchild of The Drawing Board led by architects Meera Rajendra and Akhila Kumar. The house is centered around a canted sliding wall that is a precise eight-degree angle. Why 8 degrees? It is symbolic of a golfer’s club on stance – as the home’s owners are passionate about the sport.

Throughout this project, you’ll find Yadnyesh’s imagery plays off of the vibrant angles and complex lines found throughout the home. Each image has moody shadows, limited lighting and silky colors.

Yadnyesh begins, “The day of the shoot was quite relaxed as my client set up the whole house a day before and I did a location scout in the first hours of the shoot to plan all my angles in advance. The nature also blessed us with decent light while shooting in the monsoons.”

He continues: “I love to spend a lot of time on each of my compositions, staging them carefully, making the light to set the mood of the shot. It’s so exciting to see how light behaves in a room, how colors and textures react to the light, and how shadows add to the drama.” We see his perfect performance and attention to detail below. Perfectly stacked colorful cushions, elegantly skewed books and thoughtful furniture positioning contribute to images that are easy to read, yet full of rich detail and life.

He breaks down one of his favorite images from the day, recounting “By the time we were busy [the shot below], it got too dark inside because I was shooting against the sun. It was really exciting to recreate windows on the right side of the frame using various strobes. Also, since it was against the sun, I had a lot of flare through the window edges, so I decided to light separately for the flare, to get the details in the wood paneling, which makes it look very natural.”

As Yadnyesh takes us upstairs, he creates an incredibly geometric There are strong lines, bold shapes and a lot of movement here. The 8 degree wall splits through the frame, creating a wonderful separation between the traditional, rectilinear construction on the left, and the sweeping parabolic roof on the right.

Talking about his creative process, Yadneysh says “The crucial thing for me is how a space communicates with me when I walk into it. Moreover, the most beautiful part of it is when I feel one with the space and how it starts to open up for me – and that is the moment in time I cherish the most!”

He explains the physical tactics behind making these photos, sharing “Most of the images are shot with the addition of flashes that create the light and blend in with the environment. It’s always fun and exciting to see the light in a making space and then, later, manipulating it together in post-production. For me, even doing the job is more gut feeling (intuitive) than following a set process. In short, everything, including mixing, depends on the kind of vibe and mood I get after being in that space.”

I appreciate the way Yadnyesh displays the interesting geometry in this house. Every composition in every single room is perfectly poised to showcase the current lines and shapes – whether subtle or bold.

We wrap up this week’s featured project with another one of Yadnyesh’s favorite photos. “The only challenge we had was executing the exterior shot of the villa,” explains Yadnyesh. “I knew for a fact that I wanted to do a blue hour shot, so we had to do some scaffolding just an hour before to get the right height for that image. It makes this one of my favorite images from the project.”

A huge thanks to Yadnyesh Joshi for sharing this amazing project with us! See more of Yadnyesh’s work at and on Instagram @theendlessforms.

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