Museums in London start to shut down as Omicron wave sweeps capital

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The latest wave of Covid-19 in the UK, originating from a variant of Omicron, is beginning to damage museums in London, and the Natural History Museum is open until December 27 due to an “unexpected staff shortage.” It is closed. According to the statement, the facility’s front desk staff had to make a “difficult decision” to close the facility after being “affected by Covid-19 infection and quarantine requirements.” Museum officials say they are “hoping to restore staff levels” and will resume on December 28th.

On December 17, London’s Wellcome Collection, which focuses on the link between science and art, announced that it will be closed until further notice as a result of the Covid-19 surge in the UK. The institution’s website will be updated with more details. The Foundling Museum will also be closed until January 4, and the National Army Museum in Chelsea has also decided to close during the festival “under the influence of Covid-19”.

Meanwhile, according to Museum Journal, The large, unnamed London Museum has a hard time keeping all galleries open after a Covid outbreak among its staff. “We’re falling like flies, I really don’t know how they’re open next week,” said the anonymous staff.

However, at the time of writing, general admission tickets for the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate, the Royal Academy, and the British Museum can still be booked this week. A spokesman for the British Museum said: At this point, we are constantly reviewing everything. The Serpentine Gallery is still open.

Cultural sector instability caused by the latest coronavirus wave has prompted more financial support from the UK government as museums and galleries face further reductions in admission fees. ..

Caroline Norbury, CEO of lobbying organization Creative UK, said in a statement: Of work for artists, performers and other creative practitioners. “

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