Musician Dillon Francis: ‘I Had to Have’ a Bored Ape Ethereum NFT


I’ve heard you pay in crypto, but what about paying in NFT?

Electronic music artist Dillon Francis Boring Ape Yacht Club NFT as part of the collaboration of residents and records in nightclub (BAYC) Boston, is the identity of the music is represented by boring monkey, has signed a contract with the next DJ duo ESCAPΞPLAN.

NFT A unique token that exists on the blockchain and, like digital art, shows ownership of an asset. BAYC is not a stranger to celebrity owners, with Paris Hilton and Eminem among them.

The Francis ape with “DMT” fur was sold to Big Night Entertainment’s Randy Greenstein for 109 ETH (currently priced at about $ 283,000) and was transferred to Francis a month ago.

Big Night runs many notable nightclubs in the Boston area and manages artists, including ESCAP Ξ PLAN.

“We needed apes to appear in the ESCAP ΞPLAN music video,” Francis said. Decryption In an interview.

He plans to release two songs later this year in collaboration with the duo.

BigNight’s managing partner Tim Bonito announces BAYC NFT Web3 For music.

“We didn’t want to go in and make a cheesy first record for everything in Web3,” Bonito said. Decryption.. “I think what happens is what many people discover. [ESCAPΞPLAN’s] The song, unaware that they are two boring monkeys, and back, and there are some discoveries around it.For us, it has some subtleties. […] There’s still the whole world of Web 2 that we’re still trying to embrace. “

Francis and ESCAP ΞPLAN may also collaborate with musicians who hold more BAYC on future tracks.

But Francis’ interest in Web3 goes far beyond the newly acquired Ape. He has been collecting NFTs for about a year and has over 100 such assets. walletAnd he says he first learned about cryptography in 2017.

“In 2017, when a friend told me to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin […] I already thought it was too late. ” “It’s never too late.”

Francis is also not a one-coin or one-chain maximist, while he is looking forward to it. Ethereum 2.0He is not a big fan of Ethereum’s high gas charges (ie transaction costs) and polygon bridging mechanisms.

“Tim and I are the same,” he said, referring to Big Knight’s managing partner. “We love Solana..I love Solana … because I go from paying insane gas charges and sometimes the trading hours are very long [on Ethereum], Solana is great. I think the pitfall is that the network somehow disappears from time to time. (The network is suffering some Congestion and stop After September)

“However, immediate finality, and I will not pay a cent to the transaction, it is the very feel good,” he added.

In the Metaverse, Francis Decentraland, Build space for fans in a 3D virtual environment built on Ethereum. He said it would include virtual bars, cannabis stores, and strip clubs.

He wants to allow fans to own part of the wall space of the Decentraland club as an NFT and will offer a digital wearable that matches what’s in the physical merchandise march shop.

When it comes to the music industry, Francis believes there are reasons like many electronic artists. Steve AokiDeadmau5, and 3lau — Became a proponent of crypto and NFT voices.

“Most electronic music artists are at risk of what’s happening with technology because they make music on their computers,” Francis said. “Electronic music doesn’t rely on Billboard’s top 10 hits. We rely on songs played on festival and club circuits and blog reviews. This is Web3’s. Another part of why culture and community are so interesting to us. “

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