My Hero Academia Artist Releases Sizzling New Mirko Art


One of the artists behind My hero academia’s Manga has released some sizzling new art to celebrate the rabbit hero Mirko! This professional hero has been one of the favorite masterpieces of major fans of the hero roster since she first debuted in Pro Hero Ark, and is also the favorite of the series creator Kohei Horikoshi himself (he). I dropped some slicks) (and a sketch of her post-debut character). However, despite her rare use in manga and anime, she got a lot of shining opportunities thanks to those artists who officially brought the series to life.

Akiyama Yoko, illustrator behind My Hero Academia: Team Up Mission The spin-off series was brought to Twitter in the past to share Mirko’s fun new sketches, and the same is true for their latest character illustrations. Imagine a professional hero in a completely different situation, where she becomes a teacher instead. The new sketches provide a window into a whole new world where you can see more from the actions of this professional hero. You can check it below:

My Hero Academia: Team Up Mission Now, thanks to Viz Media, there are several volumes out there, and fans can now find the latest chapters in the series from the digital Shonnen Jump library with subscriptions. This spin-off is undoubtedly a further investigation by hero fans as more Mirko will be at the heart of the action, thanks to Izuku teaming up with her in one of these title missions in a short amount of time. You will want to. The series is officially described as such:

“Ambitious hero My hero academia Team up with professional heroes for action-packed missions! The Ambitious Team Up Mission Program combines a group of ambitious heroes with professional heroes to perform action-packed missions! Izuku Midoriya and his UA High friends are excited to join, but only one catch. I don’t know who will team with whom! Everyone from top heroes to students in other classes and schools can belong to the same team. Izuku Midoriya is excited about his first team-up mission until he finds out that his team includes an explosive bomber. The professional heroes they match are also real wildcards. Can this temporary team cooperate, or will Izuku Midoriya’s first mission be his last? ”

What do you think? What do you think about this Mirko makeover? Where is she ranked among your favorite heroes throughout the series? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments!You can also contact me directly for animations and all the other cool things Twitter @Valdezology!!



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