My Hero Academia Creator Shares New Art for Jump Festa

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My hero academia Series creator Kohei Horikoshi has shared some new art for his franchise presentation at this year’s Jump Festa! Fans of Horikoshi’s original manga series have a lot to celebrate as the fifth season of anime ends this year and the third movie is released. Fans became quite popular when they went on stage at Jump Festa 2022 in Japan over the weekend. A big tease about what’s coming next with both anime and manga releases. Horikoshi himself participated in the celebration of the series big presentation at Jump Festa.

Like many of the other Shueisha artists who gave special presentations at Jump Festa 2022, Horikoshi is a unique work of art at the convention that was previously only shown to those who could attend or catch the live stream in Japan. I shared. This unique art has been officially released on My Hero Academia’s official Twitter account, with Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Ryoka Ochakoura working closely with Himiko Toga and Shigaraki Tomura at the Jump Festa event. We are cooperating. You can check it below:

My hero academia With so many releases during 2021, we’ve done quite a lot this year. The sixth season of the anime has been confirmed to debut on the fall 2022 anime schedule, and the first teaser trailer for the new season has been officially removed. But it wasn’t the juicy teasing. However, Horikoshi has revealed what will come to the final act of the series. That’s because the creators are actually starting to get excited about the endgame they are already thinking about.

My Hero Academia’s comics may end within a year if everything goes according to plan. Regardless of whether this exact timeline works or not, it’s very clear that Horikoshi actually sets the stage for the final conflict of the entire series for each new chapter of the manga series. .. But what do you think? How was all the announcements of My Hero Academia’s Jump Festa this year? What do you want to see next from the release of anime and manga? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments!You can also contact me directly for animations and all the other cool things Twitter @Valdezology!!


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