My Hero Academia Creators Celebrate Prequel Finale with Special Art

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My hero academia It’s been around for years, and the main series is ahead of the final act, but this week all eyes are paying attention to its first part. in the end, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Ends and the reader looks back on how the epic story was put together as a whole. And of course, franchise artists are celebrating in their own way by dropping tribute art for the day before.

The artwork was shared online with fans following the final chapter of, as shown below. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.. Just recently, after the big chapter was released and the Naruhata incident was over, fans were able to check in to Koichi someday. Koichi lives in the United States as a fledgling professional hero who is enthusiastic about compensating for his vigilants while Popstep and others recover from the fight. And while the public shakes his image, life in Japan goes on while Class 1-A prepares to take the first step towards UA High School.

Betten Court, the artist behind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Posted some art to celebrate the big finale with his own social media handle. The sketch on the right shows Koichi wearing his vigilant suit while Popstep and Brass Knuckles are doing their own thing on his side. The three were also inked by the artist behind them, Akiyama Yoko. My Hero Academia: Team Up Mission.. Koichi is fully equipped while Popstep is in uniform and relaxing. And as always, the brass knuckles look eager to get up with caution.

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If you don’t have time to read My Hero Academia: Vigilantes,Please check it! The first part is quite different from the main franchise series, and Koichi is certainly a hero that fans love to support. Therefore, if you want to read the series, you can find it online from Viz Media’s Digital Vault.

What do you think of these special compliments?Do you call it catching up My hero academiaThe day before?Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB..


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