“National Gallery Nights is Back! For the first time ever, the National Gallery of Art will open its West Building for the beloved evening program”

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From the press release:

“For the first time, the National Gallery will open the West Building for its beloved evening program, formerly known as NGA Night. The three nights program, April 14, May 12, and June 9, will be held. From 6 pm to 9 pm, the National Gallery offers music, performances, pop-up experiences, and art production activities. Light meals and drinks are available to buy.

The April 14 event shows that the face-to-face night show has revived since the spring 2020 season was cancelled. It also offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a night visit to the Afloat Atlantic History, a major exhibition on April 10th.

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, registration is free but mandatory and capacity is limited. Registration for the April 14th event will begin at 10am on Monday, March 21st. Registration for May and June starts one month in advance. The event on May 12th is April 15th and the event on June 9th is May 13th. The National Gallery will no longer be open to the public at 5 pm as usual, and visitors will be able to re-enter Constitution Avenue and 6th Street Northwest after 6 pm. At this time, no face mask and vaccine certification is required. If there are any updates to this policy, we will contact the registrant in advance.

See nga.gov/nights for more information, registration, and the latest information on performers, offerings, and security measures. Learn about COVID safety measures.

Program description

April 14
Flowers after business hours

The evening program returns to the National Gallery with an ode to everything in the flowers. From detailed Dutch still lifes to Vincent van Gogh’s bright and energetic brushstrokes, flowers have long been a favorite subject of visual artists. Celebrate the beauty of flowers with art evenings, DJ Little Bacon songs, electric cellist Benjamin Gates pop-up performances, and making. Then join the botanical illustrator Emily Pauluska of Very Paper Flora to recreate one of our paintings using handmade whimsical paper flowers.

May 12

The National Gallery sincerely invites you to the prom — the art prom. A self-guided tour of the National Gallery’s Prome Court with DIY Crown activities, dancing to our ultimate prom playlist as no one is watching, and introducing some of West Building’s most majestic and glorious works of art. Take a tour.

June 9th
French Connection

Accept your inner Francophilia on a night dedicated to French culture, history and art. Picking up some French phrases during a pop-up language lesson, exploring the Afro-Trantic History Exhibition and exploring France’s world heritage, how French art and culture shaped our world Please discover.

This program was made possible by generous grants from Morris and the Gwendolyn Kafritz Foundation.

Program performance and experience are subject to change. “


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