National Survey of Photographers Signals Post-Pandemic Boom in Wedding Events with a Greater Focus on Meaningful Celebrations

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A survey of professional photographers from ShootProof confirms the “wedding year” forecast, with a 64% increase in revenue in 2022 and an increase in intimate gatherings.

Atlanta, May 31, 2022 / PRNewswire /-ShootProof, the platform used by more than 300,000 photographers to share, distribute, print and sell photos, has conducted an extensive survey of professional and small business photographers. The goal was to understand the impact of the pandemic on bookings and revenue and how the industry is being restructured for the expected “wedding year” in 2022.

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Of the approximately 200 survey participants, 60% reported business losses associated with the start of the pandemic, and half reported more than 50% revenue losses in 2020. Meanwhile, the findings show that the current rebound is better than the early industry hits, with 2022 reporting a 64% increase in revenue compared to the relatively stable 2021.

“This was an era of change and fluidity, especially for professional photographers. We wanted to see with the community how it could help us navigate the industry’s quick pivots.” increase. Rachel Lacourt Nisen, Head of Market Intelligence at ShootProof. “Professional photographers are a pioneer in financial health. I feel that these findings underscore the lasting need to capture the memory and resilience of the entire wedding category.”

In addition to the revival of wedding photographs shown in 2022, survey participants reported a strong tendency towards smaller weddings, with the majority predicting that the shift would be permanent. “I think people are back to basics. There is less” fluff “and more substance. Indeed, we all love high-ceilinged centerpieces … but we really believe that couples are more focused on love, “said ShootProof research participants.

The feeling that “less is more” resonated with many of the free responses to the survey. “I think the pandemic has radically changed the wedding industry. Couples who think they have to have a big wedding to meet their family’s expectations need to spend more than $ 30,000 to celebrate their love. And intimate weddings and run-offs became popular, but inevitably couples found themselves cheaper, less stressful, and more meaningful. . “

In an era of rich image content, photographers also advocated the need to increase the permanence of wedding photography. This is not only to capture the moments, but to record them for the next generation. “My focus in 2022 is to educate clients about the importance of printing photos, rather than burying them in digital graveyards,” added the survey participants.

From the results of the survey, Nissen feels optimistic about the industry in which she has been involved for 30 years. “I think we can evolve the’Wedding Year’slogan into a’year to commemorate a special moment’,” Nissen added. “Photographers play an honorable role in the act of capturing and preserving our most important memories.”

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