Neighbors in Fair Oaks worried about low chicken numbers

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Fair Oaks, Calif. (KTXL) — The Village of Fair Oaks is known for its chicken flocks.

Birds roam freely on streets and sidewalks. They were even embraced by many of their neighbors and even appeared in public art.

But some of those neighbors told FOX40 Monday that there aren’t as many chickens crossing the street in Fair Oaks as they used to be.

“Maybe they just decided to go somewhere else,” said resident Bruce Waller.

“Maybe they’ve been building there for a while. Maybe the building scared them off,” said resident Danette Waller.

There used to be dozens of chickens roaming the village, as many as 100 by some estimates, but less than a dozen were seen on Monday night.

“Late spring and early summer. That’s when you’d see them all running down the street, blocking traffic and things like that,” resident Tyler Noe said.

Noy thinks it’s due to seasonal declines, but longtime residents like Terence are more worried.

“I would say about 75 percent disappeared,” said Terence, who only wanted to use his own name.

Terence told FOX40 that he helped care for the chickens and thought the drop was sudden and unusual.

“Maybe two months in about a month,” Terence said. “It’s huge.”

More than one resident told FOX40 they thought the chickens had clashed with people with BB guns.

A spokesman for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department told FOX40 that they have no information on the BB gun claims.

Natural food chains are also suspected.

“A lot of people you talk to (say) have seen a lot of coyotes lately,” Terence said.

Fair Oaks has been working hard to stop people dumping chickens in the area because overpopulation is a problem that once pissed off feathers.

But on Monday, some wondered if Fair Oaks would soon be home without more chickens to roost.

“There’s almost nothing left,” Terence said.

Poaching and dumping chicken are both illegal.

If anyone witnessed any of these crimes in Fair Oaks, they were asked to call the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

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