Neon Launches World’s First NFT Vending Machine in New York City, Selling Digital Art to Anyone With a Credit or Debit Card


New York – (Business wire)-Neon, an NFT and digital collection platform for everyone, today announced the opening of the world’s first NFT vending machine in New York City’s financial district. Right next to Wall Street, this machine accepts US dollar credit and debit cards and dispenses a box containing the unique code of the selected NFT. It is easily available on neon platforms. Without the need for cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, or expertise, Neon has built the easiest and most accessible way to buy, sell, and trade NFTs in the real world. Vending machines are open 24 hours a day.

“Our goal is to help artists and creators sell digital art to everyone and help those who want to be collectors,” said Jordan, CMO and co-founder of Neon. Bernholtz says. “Providing people with the option of using vending machines and an easy online platform to separate cryptocurrencies from NFT participation means that buying and selling NFTs can attract as wide a viewer as possible. You don’t have to be, you don’t have to hold Ethereum, create smart contracts, pay for gas, or bridge blockchains to get involved. ”

Supporting art and empowering creators

NFTs have become famous for binding unique and irreplaceable tokens to digital works. They become a ubiquitous and mainstream phenomenon by making them accessible to everyone. As NFTs grow, artists and creators will adopt them in more ways, laying the groundwork for exclusive airdrops, intergame interoperability, and access to real-world art and experiences. The neon team wants to accelerate these opportunities by dramatically expanding access.

“Only 2% of Americans have a digital wallet, but 80% have a credit or debit card,” Birnholtz continued. “This is a 40-fold increase in the artist’s potential audience. We want to empower creators and digital artists whose work tends to be underestimated because it is not concrete in the traditional sense. We make selling digital art even easier than selling physical art. If creators want to create an NFT based on existing content or new material, create it in neon. . ”

A platform built on a carbon-neutral, energy-efficient blockchain

Neon’s founders and engineers chose the Solana blockchain with smart contract capabilities. This is because it is the most energy efficient, leverages proof of stake, has a theoretical throughput of 65,000 transactions per second, and costs nearly zero. All neon transactions are carbon neutral thanks to the offsets purchased by the Solana Foundation. “We wanted to adopt a blockchain that is fast, environmentally friendly and meets global demand,” says Birnholtz.

Neon is supported by Digital Currency Group, Entrée Capital, General Catalyst, and Gaingels. Kyle Zappitell, CEO of Neon, has extensive experience in game development, including Xbox Mobile, and knows how to provide a fun, easy-to-use, and great product to a wide range of viewers. The company plans to use early funding to hire more engineers, expand creative marketing and build partnerships with creators.

About neon

Neon is an NFT marketplace and gallery built on the Solana blockchain. Providing the world’s first NFT vending machine in New York City and the easiest-to-use online platform, Neon is the fastest way to buy, sell and showcase NFTs. No knowledge of cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies is required. Collectors and creators sign up with their email address and use US dollars to participate via credit or debit card. Using the Solana blockchain, Neon is built to meet global demand and scale, with fast trading times, low rates, and significant energy and eco-efficiency improvements. Neon is supported by a distributed team based in the United States. For more information, please visit


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