New Brand Woolly Mammoth Media Gives The Walls A Contemporary Lift


Will your favorite fragrances and tips take the form of art? British artist Woolly Mammoth Media certainly thinks so. Woolly Mammoth Media adds a contemporary spin to the walls to create fine art quality prints and canvas prints of gin, rum, alcohol bottles and fragrance perfume bottles created in watercolor splatter art style.

The new venture started in 2019 with a small way from the dining room table, but with the launch of the new website, the business will grow the brand significantly and provide everything it produces to the world for free. I am aiming for. With more people spending time at home and many working at home, taking pride in redesigning interiors and home offices is at the forefront of many people’s hearts. I have. Adding new walls to admire is a quick and inexpensive way to change the characteristics of a room. This should be the beauty and scent art of the bedroom / changing room, or the coffee design of the kitchen. “The first art we published was safari animals, but we liked gin and created bottle art designs for cheeky drinks. These started selling, and when they were gifts, It makes us smile when some customers ask us to add a little note. These are “Happy Birthday, we all know how you love Pint!” It can be a memo like. It’s a lot of fun to see these sent as gifts and the accompanying notes. As the trend of home bars grows, customers are looking for chic bar decorations to create their killer space. Add a fun splatter alcohol art print to give your walls a personality when you relax with a nightcap in the new stylish home bar.

Woolly Mammoth Media thinks more than art. The company is dedicated to limiting disposable plastics and donates to the Golden Triangle Elephant Trust and also to the Woodland Trust for each sale.

In addition to fragrance and alcohol art, Woolly Mammoth Media also creates animal and car designs, recently added journals and added artistic cell phone covers to the site.

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