New business has designs on making Orillia more beautiful


“Not only do we know how to make a home look good, but we also know the basics of building a home,” says an interior designer.

Coralee Monaghan Interiors, a new interior design company, is currently serving Orillia, Muskoka, and the surrounding community.

Coralee Monaghan recently received a degree in home decor and a degree in architectural technology. Prior to that, Monaghan followed in the footsteps of her father, who studied her construction and architecture, and she worked in the field of construction and engineering for over a decade.

“I finally decided to go out and do what I love,” Monahan said. “I have home consultations and offer a variety of services.”

Monahan, 36, says his passion for business comes from seeing spaces gather.

“I love using colors and textures to beautify something,” she said. “It is also functional and needs to work for the client.”

Monaghan’s goal is ultimately to open a small studio in Orillia with retail components. So far, Monaghan says the community has helped her new business.

“I had a lot of interest in word of mouth before I started the business,” she said. “I had a few clients locally and so far the situation is very good.”

Monaghan hopes that the business will really recover when the community hears more about her and the business.

“I’m really passionate about interior decoration,” she said. “I want to continue working with people and create a beautiful space for them and their families to enjoy.”

Monaghan says her construction experience and background in building technology are assets.

“I not only know how to make a house look good, but I also know the basics of building a house,” she said. “Not everything is based solely on appearance. When remodeling or remodeling, you may need to dig a little deeper.”

Monaghan also provides clients with 3D rendering, so clients can see their space come alive before working on a project.

A native of Orangeville could have started a business near GTA, but she said she loves being in a small town environment.

“We have all the equipment we need here,” said Monaghan. “I lived all over Canada and the United States, but Orillia decided that it was the place where I took root, raised her daughter, and welcomed her family here.”

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