New CSPD mural brings community together through artwork

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Colorado Springs — Artwork connects communities. This is especially true of the latest and greatest murals in downtown Colorado Springs.

Located in the Colorado Springs Police Station building, the mural message is “community.”

Paes 164 started spray painting morals last week, but he came up with the idea about eight months ago. He is known for his artwork through tattoos and murals throughout the city.

“I just wanted to do more art in town and was looking for a bigger wall. Yes, this is a huge wall that was a big obstacle in S. Nevada,” Paes said. “I thought these guys might want something, and I thank CSPD and everything they do.”

Paes now says it is the largest canvas mural in the city.

“It’s 50 feet high and over 350 feet long, so it’s a good size,” he said. “It’s straight to the point of what everyone wants, right? The community. Everyone wants the COS to stand and shine brightly.”

According to Pace, the murals feature the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, downtown Colorado Springs, and a large police badge in the center. The word “community” is also written throughout.

“Hopefully, when people, especially our executives and members of the community, pass by, you think about what the community means to you,” Sgt. Said. Jason Newton, CSPD’s Community Relations Department. “The world is sometimes divided, but this is one of the things that art does, and art connects people.”

Sgt. Newton says the department gave Pays creative leeway when he came up with the idea for his work.

“We just got him to do him, this is what he came up with. And as you can see, it’s great. I’m beyond words, how great it is That’s it, “Sgt said. Newton.

Paes has been painting for nearly 30 years, and like most graffiti and street art, murals tell stories and connect communities.

“It’s all the years when illegal graffiti is rewarded. When I was young, it’s the kind of artwork I’ve drawn,” Paes said. “And like these murals now, you know, as an artist doing this type of work, I do it for people to see.”

Paes still needs to finish the mural. He and the Colorado Springs Police Department want to publish the mural to the city and community next Wednesday at 10:30 am.

All mural paints and supplies were donated by the community.

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