New Jaime Brown Mural Live Painted at Milwaukee Night Market

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New Jaime Brown Mural Live Painted at Milwaukee Night Market

Kenosha native Jaime Brown recently brought her renowned street art skills to the Milwaukee Night Market, a monthly festival dedicated to local vendors and artists. The Muslim muralist paints her spaces with talent that is anything but conventional, and her newest artistic addition to Milwaukee at 310 W. Wisconsin Ave. show her fun spirit and bold style. The Night Market was a unique experience, in which she was asked to paint the space she was given within the span of six hours. Dressed in leopard print overalls and covered in paint, viewing her work was a fascinating and exciting new way to encounter public art.

Accessibility is a big part of why Brown likes to create street art. “It’s free and it’s available for everyone to enjoy. It gives everyone a chance to enjoy art, not just the people who can afford fine art,” says Brown. “Art really unites people. It has a way of bringing people together that no other art form can. With art, there is nothing that separates anyone from anyone else. Rich, poor, educated, uneducated, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can see and enjoy it and that’s why I love street art so much. It’s a way to erase all those lines.” With her bright colors, bold shapes and clever symbols, Brown’s art quickly became popular. Not only is her art accessible, it is delightful to behold.

Brown has painted spaces across the country and abroad, but for her, Milwaukee has a certain charm. “The city of Milwaukee has always been so kind, welcoming and encouraging of my artwork, and I really love interacting with everyone who comes by,” says Brown. “There’s something about Milwaukee that no one can quite put their finger on, but everyone can feel it when they’re there.”

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The Night Market presented a unique challenge for Brown, but one she wholeheartedly embraced and thoroughly enjoyed. “For these murals, it’s a fun, summery theme. Very light-hearted, lots of colors, bold shapes, and the second one is freestyle, it wasn’t planned at all,” notes Brown. “The entire project was in partnership with Art in Buildings and the Time Equities group. They reached out to me with the idea of ​​doing a live mural, and then even after the Market was done, the mural remained for people who didn’t have a chance to go to the Night Market to enjoy.

“The difference between Milwaukee and anywhere in the world is that Milwaukee has a deep appreciation and love for the arts in general. This city is so rich in the different types of art that it showcases, highlights and encourages.”

To see more of Jaime Brown’s artwork, or to inquire about a mural or custom artwork for your space, visit or @JaimeNotJamie on Instagram.

The next Milwaukee Night Market will be held on September 21st. For more information visit:


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