New SAMA art exhibition joins Native American past and present


The subtle and striking rectangle of the wall text entitled “Memory of the Land” welcomes visitors to the new exhibition. Wendy Red Star: Scratch on Earth, Opened on Friday at the San Antonio Museum of Art. The text lays the groundwork needed to understand the full complexity of the artwork being displayed.

The San Antonio Museum of Art keeps in mind that it is located on the land of indigenous ancestors of the region, including Estokguna (Kalyzocomekourd, Texas), Mission Indians Tefuan Band, and Tappyram Koayurtekan Nation. Many other local indigenous people associated with this land.

However, Red Star’s four artworks on the opening wall initially seem to set aside such solemnity and endorse subtle and mischievous humor. They are self-portraits filled with the colors of artists resting in various naturalistic settings depicting the four seasons, the traditional subject of artists from the ancient world to the present.

Red Star uses artificial turf, nature view wallpaper with visible creases, plastic foam nuggets instead of snow, and inflatable plastic elks to artificially create seasonal settings. Invert the script.


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