New Year’s 2022 resolutions, psychics and things to do in Des Moines

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Transactions: No 2022 resolutions and spiritual forecasts

Miss M Tarot suggested in January that we should focus on JOMO (missed joy) rather than FOMO. Is this an excuse to cancel all my plans?

The contract is as follows: For all of us, we declare that the New Year’s resolution will be formally revoked. This can be a daunting task, especially for those who are still using a physical notebook and can’t sleep with an unchecked box in the list. Believe me, I’ve been a solution setter for a long time.

But after almost two years of absolute unpredictability, I simply refuse to set goals more than a week ahead. That’s how I decided to put my destiny in the hands of the spiritual realm to help me pave the way for the New Year.

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