New Year’s Eve decorations and home accessories to kick off 2022 in style

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Believe it or not, 2002 is just around the corner. We still don’t know what the New Year’s Eve plan will be, but there are many ways to spend a festive night relaxing at home.

Looking for inspiration? Whether you spend the night with your familymates or your immediate family, the right atmosphere is key.

With lots of cocktail shakers and cheeseboards, you can add a touch of gold and glamor to your interior to look back on the New Year at home.

Whether you’re interested in glitter and banners, or looking for something that really shines on your tabletop decoration, here’s a top pick for New Year’s Eve party essentials that will make your night feel special.

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New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Cocktail making set

STNTUS innovation

£ 12.99

No festival is more than starting the night with a delicious cocktail. This set is made of the highest quality stainless steel and does not cause harmful chemicals or affect the flavor of the drink. It also comes with a short knife, pouring place, bar spoon for perfect mixing and measurement.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

4-piece set of luncheon mats for dining table

Even if you’re only hosting a small dinner for two, these placemats will instantly upgrade your table.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Pink Rib Champagne Flute 4 Pack

These hand-blown pink ribbed champagne gluteal muscles are perfect for serving those delicious drinks to your loved ones. And for £ 9.99 in 4 packs, they’re also a bargain.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

TOLOYE Balloon Garland Arch Kit


£ 13.98

This Black Gold Balloon Garland Arch Kit contains 30 metallic gold balloons and is guaranteed to impress all guests. It’s easy to assemble, so you don’t have to spend hours decorating your house.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Paloma Opera Crystal Glass Champagne Saucer

John Lewis

£ 45.00

For just two people, upgrade your night with the beautiful crystal glasses of John Lewis’s ANYDAY series. With long stems and a wide saucer bowl, the Paloma Opera Coupe Glass is designed for champagne and cocktails. This series features a traditional cut glass effect pattern made of pressed glass.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

8 Gold Vintage Porcelain Style Large Paper Plate Pack

Talking table

£ 4.99

If you don’t want to wash New Year’s Day, get these vintage porcelain-style large paper plates. They look like a festival and it works beautifully for the gold and black theme.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Set of 4 stainless steel cheese knives

The perfect set for all cheese lovers and anyone who likes to throw cheese and entertain guests. Comes with a semi-core knife for spreading cheese, two rectangles for slicing and spreading, and one fork for serving. You will use it over and over again.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Gold Drink Trolley Bar Cart-Large

Add charm to any room with Mano Mano’s Art Deco bar cart. Whether you want to serve cocktails to your guests or just provide a place to stay in the plants, this table can cover you.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Frocon scented candle

Bring the perfect scent for the holiday season to your home with Diptyque Flocon candles. I love the design that embodies the snow that gently falls from the sky.


New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Happy New Year’s Eve Party Vintage Vanting Banner

If you are looking for a sustainable wreath that you can use each year, this is what you need. Each Hessian letter is 4.5 “x 6” in size and is individually creamed by hand. It will look beautiful in any home.

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New Year’s Eve Home Accessories

Ginger Ray Fringe Curtain, Rose Gold

Ginger ray

£ 7.00

A glamorous addition to your party-this rose gold curtain creates the perfect festive background for every New Year’s Eve photo.


Color change cinema light box with remote control

From parties to anniversaries, the color-changing cinema lightbox with remote control gives you the opportunity to write your name on lights and messages for special occasions.

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