New York Artists in Need Can Apply for $1,000 a Month


The offer promises to appeal to the struggling artist. To make it easier for you to spend your time on creative work, we offer $ 1,000 per month for 18 months without the No Strings Attached. The other is a $ 65,000 / year job in a community-based organization or municipality.

Artists who live in New York and can show their financial needs apply from Monday as part of a new $ 125 million initiative called Creatives Rebuild New York, which is supported by several major foundations. I have been invited to do so.

This new initiative will provide 2,400 New York artists with monthly benefits and 300 more jobs, the latest in a nationwide series of efforts to give artists guaranteed income. Thing. The program is already underway in San Francisco, St. Paul, Minnesota, and more. This idea gained support during the pandemic. The artist suffered the worst unemployment in the country as live performances stopped, galleries closed, art fairs were canceled, and many art and music lessons were suspended.

“There are guaranteed income programs that have been launched nationwide, and many of them are pilots to understand if this job is working,” program executive director Sarah Calderon said in an interview. rice field. “Creatives Rebuild New York looks at the data and really believes it works.”

According to Calderon, the intent is not only to generate guaranteed income for artists, but rather than a broader guaranteed income program that is being considered taking into account the needs of artists and the importance and value of their work. To be sure.

The program is funded by the Andrew W. Melon Foundation for $ 115 million, the Stavros Nialcos Foundation for $ 5 million, and the Ford Foundation for $ 5 million. The funding of the program is overseen by the Tides Center.

Who can apply? The definition of an artist in the program is fairly broad, “art” to express oneself, convey traditional knowledge, provide cultural resources to the community, and collaborate with the community towards social impact. A person who regularly engages in physical or cultural practices. ” Areas included in the definition include crafts, dance, design, film, literary arts, media arts, music, oral traditions, social practices, theater, performance arts, traditional arts, visual arts, and interdisciplinary arts. increase.

Elizabeth Alexander, President of the Mellon Foundation, said the idea was her work on the Reimagine New York Commission, a state committee that brought together people from a wide range of disciplines to consider how the state should be rebuilt from a pandemic. Said it came from. It will be more fair.

“We imagine the post-pandemic reality and continue to strive for it. Labor is an integral part of our economy and continuous work is the artist worker who underpins us. It’s important not to overlook. “

Emil J. Kang, who directs the Mellon Foundation’s arts and culture program, said that many artists must undertake multiple tasks to achieve their goals. With these programs, he said, hopefully they could spend more time on their art.

“We need to actually evaluate the time and effort that artists have spent on their work, beyond what is found on the walls of these stages and galleries,” Kang said in an interview. “We need to understand that there is labor in all of these things that the general public ultimately sees.”

The program will accept applications until March 25 and will try to reach a community that has historically been under-philanthropic. The application process includes accommodation for non-English speaking people, people with disabilities, and people who do not have internet access.

“This isn’t just a pandemic,” Calderon added, adding that the goal is to find new and better ways to support artists.

“Funding is often merit-based, and funding often involves a fairly burdensome process of raising money,” she said. “And often not enough to avoid it.”


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