Newport Art Museum Biennial 2022 Featured Artist Exhibition on view now


In the fall of 2021, 284 artists submitted 850 individual works of art to see if they could be featured in the Newport Biennale 2022 Featured Artists Exhibition at the Newport Museum. ..

The assembled work was reviewed by guest judge Dr. Kimberligant, who was then a McKinnon curator of contemporary art at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Since then, she has been a curator of modern and contemporary art at the Brooklyn Museum.

Dr. Gantt accepted 69 artists into the show, and the resulting exhibition was a perfect mix of painting, sculpture and other media, engaged in aesthetic conversations, and often in socio-politics. We are working on a concern.

Mark Fernandez’s oil “Road Crew” depicts two men in helmets and another in safe yellow clothes in a hole in the road, guarding traffic. An orange and white cone is in the center of the foreground.

It’s a normal painful scene that you see one day, but the composition and scale of the work resonates with the sensibilities of the classic Renaissance. In Fernandez’s vision, workers have a mythical presence. The trinity of blue-collar men comes across as a bigger hero than the real thing in everyday life.


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