NFC tag management platform ixkio adds support for NFT authentication to create digital twins • NFCW

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NFC tag management platform ixkio adds support for NFT authentication to create digital twins • NFCW
DIGITAL TWINS: ixkio allows brands to verify to consumers the authenticity of physical products and the NFTs attached to them

EXHIBITOR NEWS: Token management platform ixkio has added a new feature that allows users to easily verify the authenticity of both a digital non-fungible token (NFT) and the physical NFC tag attached to it in a single interaction.

The new feature means brands can now verify the authenticity of both an NFC tag and an associated NFT in the same call – providing confidence that the combined physical and digital entities are connected.

NFTs are digital blockchain-based certificates that can be used to verify ownership of videos, online artwork, and other digital assets. Because they are uncopyable, they can address the issue of counterfeiting while also creating exclusivity.

There are many possible use cases, although one of the more promising is to create ‘digital twin’ products that exist in both the real world and in cyberspace.

“In many ways, people already have a digital twin of themselves – a virtual, online social identity. Therefore, it is logical that people’s physical purchases and interactions can also exist in parallel in the digital space,” said Phil Coote, CEO of ixkio, explained to NFCW. “When they own an actual item, an NFT gives them a digital twin that allows them to own it too within the virtual spaces they inhabit.”

For example, this means that a consumer who buys a pair of high-end sneakers can put on the same high-end shoes in their favorite online game.

An NFC authentication tag attached to the shoes contains a key that is then used to create a unique code with each scan. That unique code is verifiable on the ixkio server, providing confidence in confirming that the NFC verification tag is indeed what it claims to be, thus confirming that the sneakers it is attached to are genuine. The tag also links to the NFT of the digital shoes, so they can be imported into the game.

“With the continued growth of physical authentication with NFC, digital authentication with NFTs and the logical need to connect the two by creating digital twins, our customers are looking for easy ways to implement their projects,” Coote told NFCW.

“This new feature strengthens the ixkio platform’s ability to drive the connection between physical and digital, using NFC tags and NFTs that work together to help brands protect products from counterfeiting, promote exclusivity and extend reach knit.”

NFT Management is now available at no additional cost as part of ixkio’s Flex Alpha plan and enables users to manipulate NFT data directly via a web interface or – for integration with larger projects – through the platform’s management API .

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