NFT artworks are being sold by most major auction houses in Aotearoa

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Rita Angus’ Cass The painting has become an NFT digital asset and is auctioned by Auckland’s International Art Center.

This was after Auckland’s Webb sold two NFTs for $ 51,250 and $ 76,250 in February based on Charles Freddie’s portrait. Both were valued between $ 5,000 and $ 8,000.

The third major auction house, Art + Object, has confirmed that it will sell NFTs of artwork. Maho By Gordon Walters.

The NFT of Rita Angus's


The NFT of Rita Angus’s “Cass” paintings is auctioned by the International Art Center in Auckland.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets. They are often sold or traded in online marketplaces, mimicking the traditional art market.

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NFT Cass When Maho Created by the creative NFT studio and marketplace Glorious in collaboration with the artist’s property.

The Cass The auction ending March 17 has reached $ 18,000 by Tuesday. NFTs are worth up to $ 25,000. “That’s a great story … [Cass is] This important artwork is loved by people, “says James Blackie, art director at Glorious.

Glory made the 12th edition Cass NFT: We sell nine in our market, hold one, leave one in Angus real estate, and auction the first edition through the International Art Center. Nine sold by Glorious disappeared within seconds of being listed.

James Blackie is an art director for creative NFT studios and marketplace Glorious.


James Blackie is an art director for creative NFT studios and marketplace Glorious.

Blackie previously represented Angus real estate at Wellington’s Page Blackie Gallery. Since Rita Angus was a pioneering artist in her time, her painting-based NFTs are likely to be one of the first NFT artworks sold by Aotearoa’s leading auction houses. I did.

While the International Art Center was “happy and surprised” by the buyer’s interest, Cass So far, NFT auctions haven’t been in line with the ongoing effort to sell NFTs, said Center Director Richard Thomson.

Auckland-based Art + Object sells the NFT of Walters. Maho, Is one of the 12 editions created and created (or validated) by Glory at the April Live Auction. The Maho NFTs are valued between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000.

Gordon Walters' Maho'NFT will be auctioned by Art + Object in April.


Gordon Walters’ Maho’NFT will be auctioned by Art + Object in April.

“It’s a new realm, a new reality, and a new realm … art houses around the world are involved. We are no exception,” said Ben Plumbury, art director of Art + Objects.

Plumbly was pleased that glory made NFTs more accessible to art collectors. “It’s a marriage of the old and the new … it’s great to practice cutting-edge creative practice with the old. [tradition].. “

The challenge was to get art buyers to think seriously about NFTs, Plumbly said. “We don’t know where things will land … we’re flying completely and completely blind. This is how to submerge our toes in water. [and] Please explain in an easy-to-understand manner. “

Glory seemed determined to increase the presence of NFTs within the New Zealand art market, Plumbly said.

Meanwhile, Webb art director Charles Ninow said NFTs are becoming more prolific in the art market.

“I knew it was coming … timing is everything.”

Following the sale of the Goldie NFT, Webb’s is auctioning over 50 drawings by Don Binney and 50 equivalent NFTs sold in pairs.

Charles Ninow of Webb's says the New Zealand art market is ready for NFTs.


Charles Ninow of Webb’s says the New Zealand art market is ready for NFTs.

NFTs will never replace tangible art, but they can truly complement the world of art, such as being an extension of a person’s art collection, Blackie said.

He said the major auction house that sells NFTs represented a “turning point” for NFTs to be taken seriously.

According to a Bloomberg report in January, the global NFT market exceeded $ 40 billion in 2021.

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